Mount and Blade – Warband: mods and conversions for warlords

Mount & Blade &# 8211; Warband Mods: A Clash of Kings

clash of kingsThe Mod A Clash of Kings for Mount & Blade: Warband is aimed at all fans of the series success A Game of Thrones and lets you relive one of the different fractions live the adventure in Westeros.

Experience the new map of Westeros and Essos, plays one of the 20 fractions, hires several new mercenary and 26 companions for your armies and brings over 1,000 new items, weapons and armor used. also possible in A Clash of Kings is the sea voyage, her fight with the pirates to be captured or can drown.

Special features of A Clash of Kings include:

  • Joining an existing army with awarding of rank-dependent equipment
  • New character creation guidelines
  • New faces and hairstyles
  • Completely new map, cities and war zones
  • New NPCs, mounts, armor, weapons, merchandise and more
  • Opportunity to buy land in a feud
  • new Quests
  • increased Difficulty
  • battles
  • Individual equipment of the Companions

Download A Clash of Kings: download*

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