Chromecast on Mac: Each Internet video directly stream (Tip)

The favorable Streaming Stick "Chromecast" Google also works with the Mac, especially with the hotel's own web services such as YouTube. The free extension PlayTo Chromecast allows us, however, to stream almost any Internet video.

Chromecast on Mac: Each Internet video directly stream (Tip)

Before the extension (browser plug-in) PlayTo Chromecast come to talk, we want to advance the Operating principle of the HDMI streaming sticks Chromecast (Already be had for 35 euros *Chromecast on Mac: Each Internet video directly stream (Tip)) Again explain shortly. The Video data directly from the Internet Google Chrome Cast and thus streamed on our TV, while the Web browser acts Google Chrome only as "remote control" on the Mac. Thinks we are looking, for example, on YouTube the video you want out and start transmission via Chromecast extension of the browser. Now Chromecast data obtained independently and directly from the network. From now on we can also shut down the computer logical we see the video still on the TV. Only for control, we still need the Mac. Equivalent, this works so well with the iPhone and the YouTube app. In contrast, however, AirPlay (Apple, for example, on the Apple TV about 88 euros *Chromecast on Mac: Each Internet video directly stream (Tip)).

chromecast_übrsichtOn the Mac, unfortunately we do not have direct access to all this content Chromecast. But there are remedies: The free extension PlayTo Chromecast.

Other content (unsupported pages) on the other hand, Mac had been with the Option of the "Tab streaming" be transferred directly to Chromecast. Means that the content of the current page of the Web browser will be sent directly to Chromecast. With this option, it is incidentally also possible to stream local video data, this simply the corresponding file in the browser open (File -> Open file...). Disadvantage: from we can shut it down either, the Mac must be constantly on the image quality (frame rate) increases, the fan of our Macs turns on audible due to the required computing resources and.

Chromecast from Amazon (35 euros)*

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PlayTo Chromecast: Direct Stream without detours


This is precisely where the free extension PlayTo Chromecast to this but allowed the actual function principle to any other web video apply. Provided that the operator of the website "hidden" link unnecessarily in code clutter. This example, do some media libraries of TV channels. But there is a remedy. So the site offers Vavideo Direct links to the media libraries on (we reported). In our test the transmission by PlayTo Chromecast then worked in this case usually problem.

Following we would like the Function of PlayTo Chromecast explain step by step. First, we install the extension - be found here (Logically, please call with Google Chrome).

  • After installation, we find the Icon for expansion the browser window. By clicking on it, we can enable the plug-in and off.


  • we are on a page with video content (in our test example, Vimeo), then at the same time open a to Pop-up window and asks if we want to play the current video on Chromecast since. We say yes.


  • This will open a special Control side of PlayTo Chromecast. With this we can stop the video, for example, adjust the volume, or stop the transfer.


  • However, before we see the actual video on our TV, we must advance nor the actual transfer Start with the Chrome Cast extension (as before).


  • Finished: Now we see the video on the TV. is streamed in optimum quality, without detours, directly from the network to Chromecast. The computer - if we do not need control - we can now turn off or put into hibernation.

PS: Just to avoid confusion, PlayTo Chromecast also works on a PC ;-). Who similarly comfortable all this with his iPhone or Android Smartphone want to do, the look, the App AllCast to which there is now also for iOS - we reported.

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