iPhone SE Endurance Test: iPhone 6s and 6s Plus much more robust

How easy is it to make an iPhone SE broken? After first endurance test, it is easier than the iPhone 6s definitely. Surprisingly, this is not however.

The iPhone SE in the test:

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SquareTrade, a provider of equipment insurance, has the iPhone SE undergone some tough tests and robustness compared to the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. The result: The iPhone SE can be bent easily and break, the display is fragile and the unit less watertight than the more expensive and larger iPhones.

So the iPhone SE can already bend pressure with about 72.5 kg, at around 81 kilos breaks it even. The iPhone 6s Plus starts with this load beginning to bend, and the iPhone 6s holds significantly more weight than the new smaller iPhone.

The 6s models could survive under water also longer: The iPhone SE gets after one minute water damage. The iPhone 6s stand it for 30 minutes under water, the iPhone 6s Plus at least 10 minutes.

When a iPone of two meters high falls directly on its display, shatters the glass - this is for all three devices the case. However, the display glass of the iPhone 6s (Plus) holds out much better if the device is dropped on one of its edges to the side. The iPhone SE there were ten falls a jump in the glass, the iPhone 6s (plus) only minor cosmetic damage to the cabinet.

Really surprising is that all but not: The housing and the construction of the iPhone SE largely in line with the iPhone 5s from the year 2013. Since then, Apple has its devices made much more robust - especially with the iPhone 6s, the company has set new standards in terms of robustness and water conservation set.

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