IrfanView Thumbnails – the preview function

To align the preview function to the individual needs of the user, you first open the thumbnail file that was created with the IrfanView downloaded and installed on the desktop. By clicking the Panda icon to start the program.

2224Winload IrfanView preview feature video

On the left side is the directory tree opens with the files that reside on the hard drive, the right side represents the preview images. The size of the images, the user can change as you desire, so he access a convenient overview of the images provided can. the image is shown in full view by clicking on the respective preview image and may be the same ship it directly to the tool box of irfanview. By pressing the "T" (alternatively: File thumbnails) IrfanView Thumbnails be started directly.

The settings menu of IrfanView Thumbnails

The "P" button calls the "Settings" link. In that case the language of the user interface can be, for example, change to the user can set up a full-screen or slideshow mode, adjust the main window color, select the desired video or music player and access under "extensions" on numerous file formats. Optionally, the user can choose whether or which image information is to be displayed, as well as the size of the images can be adjusted. In addition, many more possibilities with IrfanView Thumbnails are available: For example, the user can transfer selected images directly as FTP or save certain file name in TXT format.

IrfanView Thumbnails

IrfanView Thumbnails &# 8211; batch conversion

As a very practical raises the IrfanView extension out for that case if you also want to perform a batch conversion, for example, with several selected images. Here About the user can, for example, reduce the images or enlarge, convert it to a black and white representation, or in another format. The process for the latter choice is correspondingly simple: The pictures in question are selected within a particular directory, then the conversion from the File menu batch conversion is selected with selected images. Now all you need is the required target format, that is to click on, for example, JPEG, and even the conversion can be performed. In addition, the selected images can also be rotated and rotated or released and finally made reflections or made comments. Here the advantage of the thumbnails usage is particularly noticeable.

Conclusion: Those who have tested the IrfanView Thumbnails will notice that the program has more to offer than "just" a preview option. equipped with some processing modules and various viewing options, the tool revealed as a very practical addition to the basic functions of the popular image viewing program. 

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