7 Days to Die – are the best weapons in the summary

In 7 Days to Die you have many weapons available to the undead auszujagen the last breath of life. What do you use it is related to your play style. Will you not notice you prefer you can choose her silent weapons or Took fight. If you is noise no matter shotguns and machine guns are exactly your thing. We ask you in this guide the best weapons in 7 Days to Die ago.

In addition to the fairly silent melee weapons can also Crossbows or bows off the zombies without much attention. If you are using these weapons in the day on the road, this silent ranged weapons are perhaps the best weapons in 7 Days to Die. Without much attention and the attraction of other zombies you can turn off the undead without coming too close to them. You come by skillful crafting and materials found on new weapons or she finds as loot and spoils of dead zombies.

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7 Days to Die &# 8211; The best weapons in Survival Battle

Are you new in 7 Days to Die, you can also look at our Beginner's Guide to throw. Therein you experience for example, which generally good weapons It is very early in the game available. This can keep the first zombies and do not need much material for the production.

The best weaponsconstruction materialsRequired crafting timeAmmunition and materials
wooden bow
  • 6 floors
  • 3 plant fibers

  • 1 small
  • 1st floor
  • 1 spring

Makes 5 arrows

  • 1 wrought iron
  • 2 leather strips
  • 7 poles

  • 1 small stone
  • 1st floor
  • 1 spring

Makes 5 arrows


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The best weapon for close combat

In addition to the soft bows and crossbows, you should also always carry a melee weapon with you. If you the Arrows or bolts out, can thus still afford their resistance. It comes in 7 Days to Die of course always depends on what you can raise it for building materials. Some of the weapons, particularly firearms, are associated with a certain luxury. Therefore, only the weapons that can craft it before you may seek the most powerful uses.

melee weaponsconstruction materialsCrafting timedamage
  • 3 floors
  • 3 Iron Bars
  • 3 floors
  • 2 Iron Bars
studded stick
  • 4 sticks
  • 4 scrap iron


The best firearm in 7 Days to Die

If ye a little better in 7 Days to familiar The and can cope well with the increased attention by several zombies, you should consider very comfortable to shoot with guns and rifles through the apocalypse. but makes for a good escape route, that you may come of it healing when you have attracted too much but a few shambling undead.

firearmsconstruction materialsCrafting timedamagedistance
.44 Magnum
  • .44 Magnum frame
  • .44 Magnum parts
  • .44 Magnum drum
  • .44 Magnum handle
12:30120Close to means
Sniper rifle
  • Sniper rifle pipe
  • Sniper rifle Hand Protection
  • Sniper rifle scope
  • Sniper rifle grip
  • Sniper rifle stock
sawed Repetierschrotflinte
  • short shotgun barrel
  • Shotgun closure
  • short shotgun shaft
  • Shotgun forearm

Magnumemergency Force &# 8211; eyes shut and go for it

If its a new game in 7 Days to start the, you are completely naked. Apart from some underwear you possess nothing. Therefore, you have to search everything possible so that their materials or weapons found. Especially in the first moments of your claim should not be to find the best weapons, but simple and practical Anti-Zombie crafts. Seeks rather to protect and take simple weapons purchase. If you the Quest follows, you will quickly to a mace encounter, with the you can not dish out much but at least some damage. Also the arc is you quite early disposal, which you also after the first tasks crafting can. So, take him for having what damage was caused and collects, collects, collects!


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