Amazon Alexa: Features and Functions

Amazon Alexa is called the friendly voice assistant for Amazon Echo, the new &# 8220; Smart&# 8221; Speaker system from Amazon. With the help of Alexa her voice commands you can enter, play music albums, can read e-books or control electronic devices in your smart home budget. Here you learn how Amazon Alexa works and what you can expect to start in Germany.

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The speaker system Amazon Echo and the Language Assistant Amazon Alexa have already been presented last year in the US and are available there since, 2015. The speaker Amazon is expanding its hardware portfolio to the well-known addition to the Kindle reader by now include tablets, the fire phone or Amazon Fire TV. Amazon Echo and Alexa are also to get into the segment of smart home products in addition to the recently introduced Dash button the first attempts from Amazon.

Amazon Echo Alexa is what

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Amazon Alexa &# 8211; this may be the language assistant

Alexa is the voice control for the speaker system Amazon Echo and the brain, so to speak Amazon Echo. Alexa is sitting inside the speaker exposure, but connected to the cloud: the Alexa Voice service is constantly updated via the cloud, over time also new features for Alexa will happen. Amazon calls this feature Skills: So can you, for example, order a taxi, can read recipes or shops nearby.

Here are some of the main features that Alexa for Launch on 26 Okotober controlled:

  • Play music and playlists from Spotify, Amazon music and TuneIn Radio
  • Weather forecast
  • news
  • can read e-books (see below)
  • Control of various electronic appliances &# 8211; read also the article Amazon Echo: Supported services and partners at a glance

Alexa is operated entirely by voice. You activate the assistant by her loud and clear, the activation word Alexa says. Alexa lights up and sends the audio data to the cloud where deure request is processed and answered. According to Amazon's assistant is a good listener: In the loudspeaker seven microphone are built with directional beam technology &# 8211; Alexa can you therefore hear from the other side of the room, or if music is playing even in noisy environments. If you should have more than one echo system, Alexa also adapts and reacts thanks ESP (Echo Spatial Perception) on the device, which is nearest to you.

Alexa learns

An important question, which is currently over again but comes up not yet finally resolved: How can you control Alexa with multiple users? Finally, one can assume that the assistant is not only in single-person households, but also for families with children for use. Amazon has not yet been commented on this &# 8211; However, we expect that Alexa as support multiple user profiles in the US, as described here: use profiles with several people: Amazon Echo &# 8211; so is&# 8217; s.

Another point, which of course could also cause problems:

Alexa girlfriend

Siri Beatbox: Then bring her your iPhone for centimes

Amazon Alexa: Sonos support and open API coming in 2017

The known wireless speakers Sonos get from spring 2017 also support for Alexa: you can the Speaker then also operate by voice control. At the same time should be available to an official software interface. Furthermore you can Sonos integrated into smart home infrastructure, for example simple.

Alexa functions

Alexa reading e-books for the Amazon Kindle from

A particularly amusing feature: You can let you read e-books with Alexa &# 8211; with the feature Amazon meets the trend towards audiobooks. For years customers access to vemehrt books in audio format &# 8211; now you can also leave directly read text-to-speech algorithm the books up. Admittedly, the whole appears at first sight a little strange &# 8211; the reading of books combine the most rather then with bedtime stories from childhood. Kevin Tofel of ZDNet has tested the feature extensively yet claimed: After a period of not more you realize that the voice of Alexa sounds pretty monotonous.

  • The read-aloud function is to work with most eBooks from the Amazon offer.
  • To start the reading, you need only enter the appropriate command, and then call the book title Alexa.
  • Alexa then automatically synchronizes and begins to read the site, which has just reached the book &# 8211; between individual sections but Alexa can not navigate.
  • Especially practical: The read-aloud feature is completely free, besides, it does not matter whether you have actually bought the book or borrow via Amazon Prime from the Kindle Lending Library.

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That the Alexa &# 8220; classic reading&# 8221; eventually replaced it, we can not imagine not (yet) &# 8211; funny it is still and it remains to be seen how Amazon expands the algorithm in the future and possibly even more realistic adjusts to a human voice.

We also show you how you can upload your own music to Amazon Prime Music.

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