Anime Awesome: 20 anime series that I will never forget

Death Note

death note titelbild The highly intelligent policeman son Light Yagami is bored by the world and its existence. He feels that he has a higher calling; and his intuition was right, because one day he finds a notebook with the inscription "Death Note". This contains detailed instructions on how to kill a man with it once you have written its name in the book. But the Death Note was originally part of the shinigami Ryuk, the fared similarly Light and bored in his world, which is why he let the Death Note to fall into the human world and begins to accompany Light. Light realizes his destiny in the book and he realizes that he can thus change the world by killing all criminals and in this way prevents other people from ever committing offenses only. The ensuing increase in the number of deaths among prisoners call the police and also a mysterious Master detective named L on the plan. A real cat-and-mouse game between the two geniuses Light and L will begin. Of the Megalomania and the ingenuity of Lights are what makes me like the series. Light is always one step ahead of all the people and even in the moments when one thinks that he was cornered and there is no way out for him, he still has a Ace in the hole and escapes punishment. This reminds me strongly of the series Revenge, in which the plans of the protagonist also always open and you sit as a spectator with my mouth open in front of the screen and says "Oh my God, no way!". Of which there are at Death Note just so many moments as I have ever experienced in any other anime series and will probably never experience again. The only thing I did not like about the whole series, the The End. I can not say why this is so, because I would otherwise spoil, but that I can still just do not make friends here. Also Misa has quite often strained my nerves because of their strenuous and naive way. Otherwise, Death Note the smartest, most ruthless and most exciting anime, I know. The anime is published in Germany in Nipponart, the manga by Tokyopop.

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