Open APK file with WinRAR

WinRAR APK is a program that unpacks compressed programs and thus provides very fast access to the files. To use this program, some things to consider. With WinRAR you own a frequently-used program to pack or unpack files. It does this through an intelligent algorithm that compresses files.

Particularly useful is the program for documents, object libraries and multimedia files. The archive is one of the strengths of the program. WinRAR is also a pack program for files in ZIP archives. To send files, you should create an archive as an EXE file, because you can never be sure if the receiver also has WinRAR and the document thus read with WinRAR.

Protect the file with password

The features of the packaging system to support all formats that are currently on the market, including ACP. The packages are protected by encryption and password. To decompress APK, the option in the program WinRAR must be clicked on the desktop. Once installed, the settings are already available. First, the file formats to be associated with the packer is set. The folder name is always taken when unpacking.

The password can be set by clicking on the menu item "Archive name" and then for item "expand" to your liking. In order to cause the unpacking, click on the compressed file and then select the unpacking. Thereafter, the password must be entered. APK means literally Android Package File. To open the APK file, WinRAR program can help with the following steps. APK archives are created as another file archives and Android apps. To ensure that all files are included, which are intended to equip Android OS smartphones with an app. WinRAR can serve as an archiver here, as it is this is an Android package file containing a ZIP format, which in turn is compressed.


WinRAR APK &# 8211; Different ways

An APK file can be opened on the computer in different ways. WinRAR is a program that supports APK format. For this reason, the APK file can be opened when it is installed on an Android smartphone. This can be done by sending the APK file as an attachment to the e-mail address of the smartphone. Next, the e-mail and the attached APK file must be opened with the smartphone. This step is completed, automatically starts the installation of the software WinRAR APK. Thus, the software is installed, you can work and you are able to read the file.


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