ARK – Survival Evolved: Weapon – values, crafting and materials

ARK &# 8211; Survival Evolved: Weapon of Scorched Earth DLC

With the publication of the first paid DLC Scorched Earth on September 1, 2016, also appear new weapons in the game that can crafting her. You are you particularly useful in the initial game, if you possess hardly experience and Engrammpunkte.

ARK &# 8211; Survival Evolved: Boomerang (Boomerang)

The boomerang is especially useful for players who have not yet gained a lot of resources. From Level 10 can you produce this weapon with just a few materials. The time for crafting takes only 5 seconds. If you throw the boomerang, you increase your torpor value and makes opponents unconscious. sand get her example, if you by a Sandstorm running.

damage30ark-survival-evolved-scorched-earth-weapon-boomerangCrafting materials
ben. Level1030px-Wood3x wood
Engram points2ark-survival-evolved-scorched-earth-sand5x sand
mass0.830px-Fiber15x fiber

ARK &# 8211; Survival Evolved: Chainsaw (chainsaw)

The chain saw is more for the Degradation of resources thought. However, you may be able to use as Nahangriffswaffe. For this you damage is not very high. You need gasoline, so that the chain saw work. You can this weapon in a yellow Beacon Find. In order to produce the chain, you need the Lathe, the furnace and Mortar and pestle. In addition, you have the shotgun have unlocked.

damage18ark-survival-evolved-scorched-earth weapons chainsawCrafting materials
ben. Level45ark-survival-evolved-weapon-electronics25x electronics
Engram points2130px-Metal_Ingot50x metal bars
mass20.030px-Cementing_Paste50x cement paste
durability80.030px polymer75x polymer

ARK &# 8211; Survival Evolved: Whip (whip)

The whip has many features. So you can pick up something from the floor with her, harvest bushes or even steal items from other players. The chance for the latter is 25 percent. In this case, the item falls from the stole and the next whip you can pick up the item. Also, you can use it to command creatures to go faster. In combat, you Whip is also a useful item. Creatures like the Dire Wolf or terrorist Bird can gestunned are when you meet them in the face. So that you extended the next attack of the creature. The whip is within made 5 seconds, the precondition is the Slingshot.

damage-ark-survival-evolved-scorched-earth-weapon-whipCrafting materials
ben. Level1530px-Wood5x wood
Engram points630px-Hide10x leather
mass8.0ark-survival-evolved-scorched-earth-silk10x silk
durability40.030px-Fiber25x fiber

ARK &# 8211; Survival Evolved: Flamethrower (flamethrower)

Do you have the Assault Rifle unlocked, you can crafting a flamethrower in Scorched Earth. The weapon has a Shots of 200 and requires Flamethrower Ammo. This ammunition is made of fuel and gasoline. As with the chain saw you need for the production of a Flamethrower Lathe, one furnace and Mortar and pestle. it also required for the production of sulfur. This raw material be found in caves on the Map Scorched Earth.

damage-ark-survival-evolved-scorched-earth-weapon-flamethrowerCrafting materials
ben. Level55ark-survival-evolved-scorched-earth-sulfur10x sulfur
Engram points25ark-survival-evolved-weapon-electronics15x electronics
mass20.030px-Metal_Ingot35x metal bars
durability40.030px-Cementing_Paste50x cement paste
 30px polymer75x polymer

ARK &# 8211; Survival Evolved: Cluster Grenade (cluster grenade)

This grenade splits into 6 explosive shrapnel, that detonate after 5 seconds, or right after the impact. To produce them, you need a Campfire, a Lathe, one furnace as mortar and tappet.

damage-ark-survival-evolved-scorched-earth-weapon-cluster-grenadeCrafting materials
ben. Level-30px polymer10x polymer
Engram points8thark-survival-evolved-weapon-crystal10x crystal
mass0.5530px-Metal_Ingot15x metal bars
durability-ark-survival-evolved-scorched-earth blowing agent20x propellant
 30px-Cementing_Paste20x cement paste
 ark-survival-evolved-weapon-gunpowder50x gunpowder

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