Create a drop-down list in Excel – How it works

Learn in this guide on how you can create a drop-down list in Microsoft Excel.

Create a drop-down list in Excel - Here's

A drop-down list is a control for the input, which is found in many applications. By an arrow next to a box, you can select from a predefined list of what should be in the input field. In Microsoft Excel drop-down lists can be used. This may cause a relief at the data input, since it does not need to repeat at each cell same inputs, also errors can be avoided, since can only be selected from a predefined number of values. As you in Create Excel a drop-down list can, learn it in the following instructions:

Create drop-down list in Excel: How to

  1. To create a drop-down list in Excel, give her first list items with each other into a column.Drop-down list Excel 1
  2. Now you give a name for the list. Marked this cell and go in the tab "Formulas" in the "Defined Names" "Define Name" link. Here you give now under "Name" the name for the drop-down mustards and goes on "OK".Drop-down list Excel 2
  3. Now you choose the cell in which the drop-down list to appear and select the tab "data" under the "Data Tools" the "data validation" command.Drop-down list Excel 3
  4. In the window you choose the "Allow" "list" and give the name, which you have just awarded for the list. Do not forget the name "=" - preceded by signs.Drop-down list Excel 4
  5. If you "Ignore empty cells" the check in the activated, let the drop-down list no value (an empty field so) may be selected, otherwise you have to select one of the list boxes.Drop-down list Excel 5
  6. Now you can go to the cell, the drop-down mustards have set up in it, and select it using the arrow of the list boxes.Drop-down list Excel 6
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