Workout App: How the training app of Apple Watch

The workout app is developed by Apple sports app for the Apple Watch, her record individual training with the, track records and can capture detailed summaries of the training. In the following article, we will bring you closer to how the app works and what you can do with it all.

Workout App: How the training app of Apple Watch

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If you want to be fit, you have a huge selection of fitness, sports and nutrition apps nowadays. As a supplement to the Health app that Apple has introduced for its mobile platforms for iOS 8, the workout app draws on sporting activities and helps you going to get in shape (or to stay).

Workout app: Let's Sweat

Do you want the app to utilize the specific training record, you just have to select one of the preset workouts. The following sports there are to choose from:

  • Outdoor Running
  • Outdoor walking
  • Outdoor cycling
  • Indoor skiing
  • Indoor Walking
  • Indoor cycling
  • Cross trainer
  • rowing machine
  • stepper
  • Other
Heart Rate Monitor Apple WatchDuring training, you can also check your heart rate using the pulse sensor of Apple Watch.

For training you can watch a target for a possible calorie consumption, set a specific time or length of the route. Did you decide for a sport and a possible target, tap on start and after a three-second countdown is're off. During training, you can next to your speed and the elapsed time, survey the distance traveled or calories burned. Absent from you, and on the spur, you should take a look at the practical motivation Apps accurately.

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Better results with the iPhone

Like Hulk Hogan and Macho Man Randy Savage as a tag team "The Mega Powers" are the iPhone and the Apple Watch an almost unbeatable team. Since the Apple Watch does not have its own GPS sensor, it should ideally always be able to communicate with the iPhone to provide reliable and accurate data. Is weak or absent GPS signal, however, the device makes use of a calibration of the acceleration sensor. For this, the Apple Watch should be pre-calibrated and can thus measure distances and speeds precisely, even when the GPS signal is not available.

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