GTA 5 Online does not start – What you can do

GTA Online, the announced multiplayer fun of GTA 5 was launched on 01 October and promised for many an entertaining holiday (including bridge !?). However, things turned out differently: Error messages like GTA Online does not start, server crashes and that does not start meetings were circulated. We offer solutions, as you might you can still enter the weekend in the open-world gangster spectacle.

GTA 5 Online does not start - What you can do

GTA 5 Online does not start

8595GIGA News - The PC revolution? - Nosgoth - GTA OnlineIt was anticipated that the server of GTA would fill up fast for the multiplayer mode 5, but that was then but expected no: Several thousands of hot players sat in front of their consoles and were confronted: GTA Online does not start! Servers are then times offline! Etching!

Rockstar of course, was in full swing it to correct the error on the servers, freizuschippen new capacity and to eliminate other sources of error, but not fast enough. If you want to enjoy GTA Online least the weekend yet, we'll show you here some tips on how that is likely.


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GTA Online does not start - What you can do

Will you not in GTA Online via the character selection, the online button does not work via the pause function and brings everything Rumgehämmere on the A or X button of your controller anything to get you at start-up of the console in the online mode , you have a fundamental problem:

With the latest update for GTA 5, the rock star has not released in time for the weekend, it is now finally possible to use the multiplayer mode &# 8211; at least it should be so.

  • For this, we need only updates for GTA V, who have already downloaded it, delete from your console and install the latest patch.

While there is still error messages, we believe this product, however, currently, to help you quickly with resulting problems.

Other error messages and their fix status can be found on the official support page from Rockstar. We hope we could at least still help some of you to hew online on the jacket and continue to enjoy GTA V.

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