USB stick is not recognized – What you can do about it

You received information from a friend or colleague on a USB flash drive and want to plug it with you at home in the PC. Then the diagnosis: The USB stick is not recognized. What you can do in such a case and how to preserve the USB stick from destruction, read in our guide.

USB stick is not recognized - What you can do about it

You stand already under time pressure and the stick does not work or is simply not recognized. But do not worry, the data is not gone and the USB flash drive is not defective. We explain to you how your best to react in such a case, so that you can access quickly to the stick.

USB stick is not recognized &# 8211; Possible causes and solutions

Dull first suggestion: Tried the stick again at another port. Does it work here? If yes, wonderful. However, you should in this case, definitely check the other USB port even in the event that it is defective. This can you, for example, just try with a USB flash drive that has already been recognized by your computer.

When the USB key is not recognized, but it can also be that to him on the source computer from which ye therefore receive the data Drive letter is assigned, the associated on your PC another drive.

Just go for it in the Disk Management. Selects it by right-clicking My Computer and select the "Manage" option. Your passes via data storage in the Disk Management. If the USB flash drive listed here, him but no drive letter is assigned, you can change this by right-clicking.

Sometimes, when it just is an old USB flash drive, you can also have the device manager to Update Driver of the Stick. Does that not, deducts the USB flash drive and give the command line (CMD.exe about the program search in the Start bar):

set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices = 1devmgmt.msc

usb-stick is not recognized-random managerYou come back into the Device Manager and can now you can view under "hidden devices" show. Uninstalled here devices that you already no longer needed (which increases sometimes the performance of your PC). Have you deleted the right "portable devices", tried again to insert the USB flash drive.

If all that did not help, then you should you call andes manufacturer or let the note get the origin of USB sticks that the stick just will not work for you. Have you tried all our tips carefully, you really have tried everything.

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