Table Top Racing – World Tour: farms coins and glitch in the video

Coins are the coveted currency miniature racing game Table Top Racing: World Tour. You need it, for example, to buy better cars and tune them. With more coins you also unlocks numerous achievements and trophies.

Table Top Racing: World Tour is currently the racing game for the PlayStation 4. From the original app was a retreaded game that you still in May free you can download if you have a PlayStation Plus membership. With 12 cars racing to her on more than 20 routes sushi and car batteries past. Here you collect many coins on. Which are also important, after all you've got to set fast expensive cars. We show you in this Guide, like her at Table Top Racing: World Tour farms more coins can and also have a video for you that you a Glitch shows with her more Coins receive.

Look here the location showcase the new route, which you get in the supercharger Pack DLC:

1478Table Top Racing - World Tour: Location Showcase Supercharger Pack DLC: New track Can ya dig it

Table Top Racing &# 8211; World Tour: More coins with simple tricks

With Table Top Racing: World Tour published developer and publisher Digital Playrise a simple racing game that has immediately won the hearts of the PS4 community. Your controls 12 cars lovingly crafted miniature routes &# 8211; past Sushi, toy robots and baguettes. you will receive for each race coins, Bonus coins and experience in the form of XP. The first two currencies bring you coins with which you end up buy new cars or existing tune or umlackieren can.

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Will you at Table Top Racing: but occur more coins World Tour, we'll tell you below simple tricks like her the coveted farms coins can:

  • Once you 10,000 coins together have, you should take a &Bling; # 8220&# 8221; buy wheels. So get your extra coins for weapons or counter-attacks on opponents. You need them do not charge because they work permanently.
  • Uses as many weapons as possible attacks. especially the acid bath-Power-up is useful. You are in the first position, the power-up verschießt of cheap places. Driving many opponents on the oil slick, you'll get even combo bonuses.
  • We have received many medals as we are always driven by power-up bubbles as long as we got the acid bath attacks. Drive through a bubble and verschießt the power-up immediately if it is not about the oil-attack. Ride until it comes to the acid bath-power-up by the bubbles and can grab her many coins.
quot these &; Bling & quot; -Rädern get you more coins in races.With these &Bling; # 8220&# 8221; -Rädern get you more coins in races.
  • While you always advance within the normal campaign, you should take a the Special Events look at. You ride one of those, you can win very many coins. For some special events have to buy their special cars. Do you already have a lot of coins, you should do so in order to obtain even more trophies.
  • Even the multiplayer mode adds to get more coins. Created your own race and play with your friends. In these races you can also search the hidden coins and collect. They bring you even more money. Where to find all the hidden coins, you read in another guide.

Coins farms with glitch in the video

The YouTuber HochNumberOneDahler has a Glitch discovered World Tour, with which you can quickly farms more coins: for Table Top Racing. It is important that it around Long shots is.

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