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As a few weeks ago, the small but fine Download Adventure &# 8220; Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light&# 8221; appeared, many fans of the old hours feared for their beloved &# 8220; Tomb Raiders&# 8220 ;. Square Enix had decided to break new ground and jump on the currently very trendy train episode content. And not without reason &# 8211; last disappointing &# 8220; Tomb Raider: Underworld&# 8221; on a qualitative level, at the same time constantly fluctuating sales. was&# 8217; s the so for the series, which once produced a pop culture icon, and made the 3D action adventures acceptable?

68339Tomb Raider - CG Trailer

Tomb Raider: Lara's first steps

Let but the makers themselves reply: &# 8220; We are pleased to announce a new Tomb Raider experience&# 8221 ;, said Darrell Gallagher, head of developer Crystal Dynamics, in the official press release. Say: We can give the all clear &# 8211; &# 8220; Lara Croft and&# 8230;&# 8221; was merely a test that &# 8220; Tomb Raiders&# 8221; not to replace, but the future well alongside runs as a second row. A nickname does not carry the new adventures by the way, which we had already settled the question of whether to expect a prequel or sequel. A Tomb Raider demo was meanwhile unfortunately also not yet been announced.

&# 8220; they forget everything they know about Tomb Raider. This is an origin story, is created in the course of Lara Croft and sends her character on a journey that will shape their character like no other&# 8221 ;, it is officially. &# 8220;Tomb Raider&# 8221; So () is set against the very first part and shows Lara as a weak girl. The actual story sounds here as if developers Crystal Dynamics sneaked at Piranha Bytes to the final act Meeting and depreciated.

Tomb RaiderLara Croft in the new Tomb Raider much younger and more vulnerable

After the junge Lara crashed their ship, stranded the frightened woman Croft to an unknown beach, where although it on their own, but is not completely alone. while it pursues only one goal: survival! How that survival looks, is more than standard atypical. Unlike previous iterations, the latest installment in the series is in fact an open-world title. Lara is so the island can explore freely &# 8211; which indeed certainly stands for its qualities as a future explorer and archaeologist.

Tomb Raider Release

Fittingly, Lara must collect food in the future even in order not to starve. The survival aspect in the open wilderness is thus made clear to the fore. Crystal Dynamics to: &# 8220; While the gameplay unfolds, Lara discovers new tools and equipment that will improve their skills. Their athleticism will increase. Some of the areas are not reachable at the beginning due to physical limitations or limited supplies. With the right skills and equipment, however, the island is Lara.&# 8221;

3824Tomb Raider - GIGA at SquareEnix in Hamburg

Crystal Dynamics are they exactly those men with on board, the Tomb Raider &# 8220; Legends&# 8221; have invented ever new. However, for the new part we have some urgent needs. First Writes Miss Croft but finally a sensible story on the body. And second: Who was responsible for the camera and jump control always been &# 8211; kick him out and fixes finally this year old Serienm├Ątzchen. Than it will be&# 8217; s also a real reboot.

Tomb Raider Collector&# 8217; s Edition

Lara's new adventure is also available as a great collector&# 8217; s Edition with many bonuses exclusive to Amazon *Tomb Raider.

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