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With the love song generator of Bodo Wartke can at its love song put together in different languages ​​themselves.

The love song of Bodo Wartke's quite well known and popular. With the love song generator can be sent in other languages ​​to his sweetheart or loved ones this now. After starting the webapp to choose once the type of his Internet connection, ie modem, ISDN or DSL. Once you did that, you can even put together his version of the love song in different languages. Available are various German and some Swiss dialects, most European and some global languages. A total of 88 languages ​​can be used for Komponierung love song so far. Left-click on the respective languages ​​in the upper part of the love song generator you can listen this a preview. Then pull the required languages ​​drag & Drop until the song is completed in the clocks of the song in the lower part of the Webapp. If you want to change the language again, simply drag a new language into the clock. If one has put together its own version of the love song, you can listen to this than a simple player completely.

Love song generator then provides links on the left side of the web app the ability to send or the loved one be self-compiled love song by e-mail. but you can save this as an MP3 on your computer. In addition, you also have the opportunity to submit their own verses in a new language and so help to expand the language repertoire of the webapp. There is also a detailed guide on love song generator.

Conclusion: The Love Song Generator is a funny webapp that lets you put together the love song of Bodo Wartke in various languages ​​and can thus surprise his girlfriend or his friend. The selectable German dialects did you also a fun painting.

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