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By boat-US download you get a universal boot manager that allows you to use any number of operating systems independently.

Here runs the Boot-US Download under all versions of Windows, either as a GUI version or as a command line version. Incidentally, the Boot-US acts download not only as a boot manager, but gives you an overview of the partitions of your hard disk.


Boot-US Download: The skills in detail

Here, the boot manager allows booting operating systems from all hard drives, and can optionally be in the Master Boot Record (MBR) or the primary partition will be installed. Regarding the storage disks are supported by up to 2 TB. In addition, can create partitions, delete, activate and hide with Boot-US and there is a password protection for the boot manager and the configuration program.

Boot-US supports the hiding of primary and logical partitions and you have the ability to specify the order of the boot Festplattne. The partitions can be checked for integrity and you can create partitions, delete and formatted with FAT / FAT32.

Under our download button gets her boot US for 64-bit systems, ride for the 32-bit version of their mouse over the "i" of the download button and operates the opening, the second download button.

a handbook will be offered by the manufacturer, can ye download yourselves under the previous link.

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  • operated either via GUI or command line
  • Extensive configuration options
  • Functions of the management partition
  • No
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