What is kernel32.dll – and what is it for?

Do you use Windows 95, 98 or ME, you can in the task manager sometimes on the file "kernell32.dll" encounter. This is usually around the library file, which is necessary for the management of storage and other features.

What is kernel32.dll - and what is it for?
process nameCore component of Windows
safetyno longer in use

As a core component of Microsoft Windows 95, 98 and Millennium kernell32.dll's (pronounced like the English "Colonel") an integral part of the operating systems. However, malware can always hide behind the name of the library file. We show how you may know if you've caught yourself malicious software.

What's kernell32.dll

Kernell32.dll is a dynamic 32-bit library files of older versions of Windows. It manages this memory, and input and output functions and interrupts. When Windows starts, kernel32.dll is loaded, usually in a separated protected memory so that it can not be taken over by other programs.

Furthermore superimposed kernell32.dll files in RAM.

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How can you tell whether kernell32.dll is a virus

As the name suggests (kernel = core), the file is part of the Windows foundation and is therefore extremely important. In more recent versions of Windows, but the kernell32.dll is no longer of distress and is replaced by other services. Do you run a newer version of Windows operating as the above and still a process with the same name, it is likely to be a threat.

There are no specific virus or malware known that operate under the guise of kernell32.dll, but the file is often used by cyber criminals to inflict damage unprotected computers.

Not the file as all system files and programs in the C: \ Windows \ System32, is likely to malware. Here you will find a guide on how you will cope with it.


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