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While with the Download Adobe Reader in the early days just only one &Reader; # 8220&# 8221 ;, took a viewer to the computer, the capabilities of the application today are much more extensive. From a mere reading program, the Adobe Reader has today grown into a powerful editing tool. The user can not only add notes and text, but also edit text, so Mark, for example, entire sections to highlight.

To select text in Adobe Reader, you can fall back on some tools, as they already feature of word processors. However, this is only possible if the displayed text has been saved from a suitable program out as a PDF file. If you have scanned for example a newspaper page and saved as a PDF, this string can not be marked or edited. The contents were then namely included as graphics and Adobe Reader is not a text recognition program.

Mark in Adobe Reader with text tools

Essentially, there are only two types of processing. In Adobe Reader, you can mark graphically and textually. If you want to select text in Adobe Reader, we really are only highlighting how with a highlighter and an underscore available. All other text tools are limited to adding notes or comments.

Mark Adobe Reader |

With some features of the comments, the user can select text in Adobe Reader

Other options for text labeling include the revision of the text. So it is possible to rule out passages and provided with a note to indicate what should be instead of by underlined text actually.

Mark Adobe Reader Text

Even with the revision tools can be marked in Adobe Reader

All these tools reaches the user when the large button &Comment; # 8220&# 8221; top right of the Adobe Reader clicks. It opens a sidebar that contains various tools icons. The meaning of the various symbols displayed when hovering the mouse.

Mark graphically in Adobe Reader

In highlighting and revisions, it is not necessarily a question mark only small parts of the text. To make something clear and graphical markers are useful. In Adobe Reader are available for graphical highlight text and other areas some tools.

Adobe Reader Mark Graphics |

Adobe Reader can be marked graphically

These tools can be found in the Comments sidebar under the text tools. Besides arrows, circles, rectangles and lines are also freehand drawing tools here, and even to find text fields with which you can mark sections in the Adobe Reader.

If you mix the annotation tools with graphical editing tools, there is a good possibility of revision of PDF files. And if we highlight something in Adobe Reader, we can save the changes at the end and pass it on. Thus has become of the former viewing tool is a powerful workhorse.


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