Hitman: New issues make you a murderous vampire

The first Escalation Contracts for Hitman appeared! But what you have to do in the new missions? In our news we will show you what goals need to be eliminated and need to fulfill her what conditions.

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The new Hitman always causes outcry in the community. Finally, the division of the game into episodes many kicks to the stomach. However, one should not praise before the evening the day. During the second episode still leaves some time in coming, are&# 8217; s now the first additional missions for the Paris sequence.

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And these are two Escalation missions. For those who have never heard of this term: For these contracts, you get first a simple goal. For example, you have the head of the Security do. Have you reached, the job starts from scratch, but now has yet another element. Now you have to eliminate it with scissors, while you yourselves are disguised as security personnel.

Thus the missions rock to more difficult tasks up and &# 8220; escalate&# 8221 ;. In the new missions you must first Faustin D&8217; off Aoust. Special feature: Agent 47 needs to assume the guise of a vampire and use a gun. The second goal, Micheal Charest, however, must be turned off as a palace employees.

The first episode of the new Hitman in the test!

In addition, other elements such as the hacking of a laptop, more security and additional cameras come on you during missions. Who really wants to complete everything with a perfect rating here has some work to do. In April will be the next episode of Hitman appear. This then plays in sunny Italy.


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