The Holiday in Stream Online & amp; on TV: Today on RTL 2

2 Perfect for the Christmas holiday season opener in many German states RTL romantic comedy &# 8220; The Holiday&# 8221; with the four-man team of Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jack Black and Jude Law. As the exchange holidays for those involved goes out, you can see from 20:15. All about &# 8220; The Holiday&# 8221; and live stream * found here.

The Holiday in Stream Online & amp; on TV: Today on RTL 2

The Holiday in the live stream

The transmitter RTL 2 emits on Friday evening, the ROMCOM &# 8220; The Holiday&# 8221; at 20:15 am from. * To you find the free live stream here:

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The Holiday &# 8211; Info & Live Stream

The classic holiday was buried long ago. Nowadays, there are the craziest ideas on how you can spend your well-earned rest. Since even the company to swap its houses, not even absurd appears. director Nancy Meyers met once on this idea when she planned her own vacation. Then it occurred to her to film &# 8220; The Holiday&# 8221 ;, at which they also wrote the screenplay.

Click here for the RTL 2 Live Stream*

The film tells the story of the two women Amanda Woods (Cameron Diaz) And Iris Simpkins (Kate Winslet), Both of which have done so their problematic experiences with men. To get away from it for some time, the two decide their homes &# 8211; in Los Angeles and Surrey &# 8211; to swap to relax with each other. But as the title suggests: The Holiday. And so come men in the lives of the ladies who perhaps care more honest intentions: Miles (Jack Black() And GrahamJude Law).

Since Amanda's character in the film business works, many allusions in &# 8220; The Holiday&# 8221; installed. So looks about Iris as she makes it cozy with Amanda, the film &# 8220; Punch-Drunk Love&# 8221; from Paul Thomas Anderson at. A great cameo, meanwhile, has Dustin Hoffman, Iris and Miles laughed at the video store, as she was the film &# 8220; The Graduate&# 8221; hold in your hands.

&# 8220; The Holiday&# 8221; was a success and was able to world import more than 200 million US dollars again.


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