Game of Thrones: Season 6 – plot and recaps – How many seasons are there?

Here you can find all the current, sixth season of Game of Thrones. What will happen in the most recent season in 2016? How will the action be? Which actors are in season 6 part of the cast? And how many seasons of Game of Thrones will be the total? Can we expect about a eighth season in 2018? We have summarized all the information about cast, plot, release and production for you. You will also find images, teasers and trailers. But be careful you have not yet seen her Season 5 and the new episodes, threatens you with one or the other story spoilers!

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The trailer for the last, fourth episode of Game of Thrones:

30852Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 4 - Trailer

Contents Game of Thrones &# 8211; Season 6

  • Teaser & trailer
  • Posters and pictures
  • Cast
  • production
  • action
  • start date
  • How many seasons will be the total?

Season 6: Start date and how you can see the consequences?

The first episode of the new season of Game of Thrones was in the US on 24 April. In Germany, the episode was due to the time difference, therefore, in the night of Sunday, April 24 to Monday, to see April 25th. Sky will show the premiere episode without time shift in parallel with the US launch in Germany. The aperture is the original English version, a day later, there is then also the German translation. Do you want to Game of Thrones Season 6 see legal in Germany, you need access to Sky.

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  • Start of the new order in Germany: April 25, 2016
  • Second row: May 1
  • On display from 21 pm on Sky Atlantic on television.
  • About Sky Go and Sky online the first episode can already be viewed on April 25 in parallel with the US broadcast from 3:00 on the night of 24 April.
  • You can choose from both the German synchronous as well as the American original version.
  • With a free-TV broadcast of Game of Thrones Season 6 is in January next year, on RTL 2 expected.

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The first episode has not answered many questions but left open jaws to the final seconds. In the second episode, there is a reunion with an old acquaintance. We also finally revealed a big secret. This storyline is continued directly in the third episode. Daenerys triumphal procession through the south, meanwhile, initially stopped. All reviews on the latest episodes found in our Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode Guide. With the conclusion of the third episode also the episode title for the consequences of 4 to 7 have been announced:

  • Episode 4: Book of the Stranger
  • Episode 5: The Door
  • Episode 6: Blood of My Blood
  • Episode 7: The Broken Man

In the fourth part, the individual feuds continued to knit. This week there was a big reunion among others. In addition to honing it to expel Ramsay from Winterfell. From now on you can also fourth episode of Game of Thrones Season 6 from Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, Google Play and max cathedrals get online. Next Sunday we continue with episode 5, &# 8220; The Door&see # 8221 ;, in the German speech on Monday night at Sky Atlantic.

Trailer for Season 6

26828Game of Thrones Season 6 - Hall of Faces Teaser

In the slightly longer teaser trailer in mid-February, we see once again the Hall of Faces, the Hall of faces. the images with numerous citations of the characters of Game of Thrones are accompanied. A few weeks before the start of the third season, another trailer on the events of the new GoT sequences joins. The new trailer of the end of March allows hardly any conclusions about the plot. but is clearly visible a dark and menacing mood:

12028Game of Thrones - Trailer 3 English Season 6

First teaser trailer for Season 6

Since December there is the first teaser trailer for Season 6 to be seen. New footage one looks in vain though, but exciting is the voiceover, which is spoken by Max von Sydow, who will embody the three-eyed crow in the new season. More about his role (beware, spoilers!) You read further down in the article. Here we go:

102591Game of Thrones Season 6 - Trailer 1 English

In a rear-view video from HBO about the verganene Series 2015 it leaves the US pay-TV channels do not take to give even some tiny glimpses of Season 6 of GoT:

24976HBO Trailer 2015 - New scenes Game of Thrones Season 6

Game of Thrones Season 6 &# 8211; episode 1

The first pieces of information to the premiere of Season 6 a flat spin. HBO has now released the title and a synopsis of the episode. The first episode is titled &# 8220; The Red Woman&# 8221 ;. After this it can be assumed that Melisandre will have a great appearance in the first episode. In the Table of Contents to HBO keeps very tight:

"Jon Snow is dead. Daenerys meets a strong man. Cersei sees her daughter again. "

"Jon Snow is dead. Daenerys meets a strong man. Cersei see her daughter again. "

Especially the first sentence leaves room for speculation. Is the death of the hero fact? Or will the eponymous Melisandre's talk extraordinary abilities? On April 24, the great riddle is solved-at least in ma-. On April 11 there was in Los Angeles already the world premiere of the first episode. While numerous star of Game of Thrones to let celebrate, but was absent from Kit Harington, the actor Jon Snow each track. While viewers are bound to secrecy about the plot, but &# 8220; Entertainment Weekly&# 8221; talks about the events of the first episode &# 8220; The Red Woman&# 8221; or. &# 8220; The red woman&# 8221 ;. So are many storylines that remained open at the end of the fifth season, will be taken up in the new episode. Unlike some other season premiere the first episode of Season 6 also should start immediately fast-paced. Fans of the series will not be disappointed.

The title of the next two episodes are known:

  • Episode 1: Red Woman (Red Priestess)
  • Episode 2: Home (home)
  • Sequence 3: Oathbreaker (Oathbreaker)

Posters for the new season

Not only teaser trailer, numerous photos and posters from Season 6 you can look at already:

Gallery Game of Thrones - Season 6

  • (Figure 1.26):
  • (Figure 2.26):
  • (Figure 3.26):
  • (Figure 4.26):
  • (Figure 5.26):
  • (Figure 6.26):
  • (Figure 26.7):
  • (Figure 8.26):
  • (Figure 9.26):
  • (Figure 26.10):
  • (Figure 26.11):
  • (Figure 26.12):
  • (Picture 13/26):
  • (Picture 14/26):
  • (Picture 15/26):
  • (Picture 16/26):
  • (Picture 17/26):
  • (Picture 18/26):
  • (Picture 19/26):
  • (Picture 20/26):
  • (Picture 21/26):
  • (Picture 22/26):
  • (Picture 23/26):
  • (Picture 24/26):
  • (Picture 25/26):
  • (Picture 26/26):

On Twitter some pictures from the hall of the dead are also been posted in tweets of official accounts GoT:

Game of Thrones Season 6: about the cast

  • Max vod SydowOf course, all the main characters who have not passed away in Season 5 (which is supposed to happen once quite) again one of the party, so Peter Dinklage, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Lena Headey, Emilia Clarke, Aidan Gillen, Kit Harington, Diana Rigg, Natalie Dormer, Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner.
  • Even Isaac Hempstead Wright as Bran will finally be there.
  • However, there are some exciting new appointments:
    • We know, that Max von Sydow will play a significant role in the next season. 
    • Sydow will play the role of the three-eyed crow who meets Bran already at the end of the fourth season.
    • We also know that Ian McShane will appear in Season. 6 You know him certainly from the curse of the Caribbean movies.
Ian McShaneIan McShane will again play a villain?
  • Melanie Liburd, an English actress Ma, martial arts specialist and maybe some known from the series Stalker, has now also joined the cast. It is a priestess of the god R&8217; hllor play.
  • Joe Naufahu is also one of the party. The New Zealanders will play a Dothraki &# 8211; more specifically Khal Jhaqo. It is a Khal who, as we know from the books, wanted to make his own khalasar to Khal Drogos death. Be it is also about the character that Daeny and their kites at the end of Season 5 and 5 book takes place in the sea of ​​grass. The story is thus likely to remain exciting.
  • There was a short time rumors that the actor Neil Nitin Mukesh Bollywood could be part of the cast, but these turned out to be wrong.
  • There are even pictures of Sibel Kikelli on set in Spain. Is she yet again with this? In the form of flashbacks?

Spoiler alert: Kit Harrington part of the cast? Jon Snow but there again?

Jon Snow is not dead yet? Or why the actor Kit Harrington drove around in Belfast? Like the Fansite Watchers On The Wall reported that the Happy shooting began on Season 6 was spotted at the airport, he arrived on a flight, in which Tom Wlaschiha alias Jaqen H'ghar could be found on the passenger list. Meanwhile, he has even been spotted in other places.

Kit Harington-768x1024Plays Jon Snow in Season 6 therefore still matter? Probably it is. However, should the same about death does not testify necessarily something Jon Snow can still appear in flashbacks.
  • Jon Snow was then repeatedly seen in the vicinity and also on set &# 8211; not as a spectator but an active actor.
  • Something so we will still be seen by Jon Snow get into the next season, even if only flashbacks.
  • In addition, Harrington and Snow was also seen on the first series poster for the new season. A small story spoilers about Season 6 of HBO yourself?


Appears the Good So yet again? Apparently, yes. We also see next to the HBO logo or about the new season will air in the US from April the hint. Here you learn more about Jon's possible fate: learn Jon Snow: Is he really dead? 

Shooting begins in July of Season 6

puente-romanicoEnd of July 2015 began the shooting in Northern Ireland, specifically in Belfast. Also in Spain has already been turned.

Meanwhile, even in the final box (sequence 10 in season 6). So that the shooting should be completed for the most part. The director posted this on Twitter:

There are also pictures on Twitter and Instagramm &# 8211; namely from the wrap party, so the final party to the filming of Season 6 of Game of Thrones. The latest season should therefore be complete in box!

# GoT6 Wrap Party was great, and thanks to @sophiet and @maisie_williams for the selfie! #gameofthrones #Belfast One of Donavan Gallagher (@ dvon316) gepostetes photo at December 13, 2015 at 4:15 AM

Game of Thrones: Season 6

By HBO, there are no official statements regarding the plot. However, the release date, we know now (see below).

  • Already on April 8, 2014 announced HBO &# 8211; after a sharp rise in viewership from the third to fourth season &# 8211; that there will be a sixth season.
  • At the same time also Season 5 was announced, which is currently available on HBO and in this country mainly by Sky.
  • A trick can be received in Germany but HBO.
Start Photogallery(43 images)Game-of-Thrones Merchandise: The 40 coolest merchandise and gadgets at a glance

What we know to date on Season 6: Potential action

  • dance-with-dragons-buch5 When Season 6 appears in front of book 6, there could be the ironic twist that series fans could spoil reader of books.*

    David Benioff and D.B. Weiss will be executive producers again.

  • One can assume that there will be at least seven seasons of fantasy show at the end, as the author of the book series underlying would also like to write seven books. More about the possible scales can be found later in this article.
  • Book 5 of A Song of Ice and Fire *Game of Thrones: Season 6 - plot and recaps - How many seasons are there? (&# 8216; The Book of Ice and Fire&8217) has already been released, but we do not know exactly when Book 6 should appear from Game of Thrones. Martin himself, however, indicates that the book will definitely come on the market after the sixth series-season, even if you have tried everything to prevent it.
  • While one could predict using the fourth and fifth book the band for some Season 5 storylines already, this will not necessarily be the case in the relay. 6
  • Sun Season 6 will treat some elements that are told in yet appearing sixth book in the series A Song of Ice and Fire.
  • This includes the story of Arya. Will they actually develop into an assassin? Even the fifth book provides here no definitive answers. In some places is even speculated that she might turn against Jon Snow.
  • Presumably, however, narrative strands are taken that have already been told in the book series in the volumes. 4 and 5
  • So we will know definitely more about Bran and his encounter with the three-eyed crow. In the book of this plotline is more advanced. We will overtake the book also assume that the series at least catch up here vll..
  • As well as what Cersei Lannister and Tommen, the book series is a little further. but we are looking forward to definitely how it goes with the humiliated Queen Mother. Here, too, the books are probably outdated.
  • For now occurring event that the series catches up with the books, Martin has put together with the producers to give them a broad overview of the development and the end of Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire.
  • Overall, it is still difficult to predict how Season 6 would spoil a later appearing Book 6: Already the current Season 5 takes the next sixth book some things ahead. Although author and bookmakers have already said that series and book will go some different paths regarding the characters and certain storylines.
  • So the story of Sansa and Littlefinger was spun out in the fifth season, for example, already. In the book, the young girl did not come to Winterfell. How it will go on with Sansa in the series? What about Littlefinger? And this will be a completely different strand in the upcoming sixth book?
  • Hopefully we'll learn something new about Jon Snow: Is he really dead? Because even in the books his demise is far from clear.
  • And what happens to Stannis Baratheon? Is he really dead? What happens next with Bran? Some wishes for Season 6 found here: Game of Thrones: These 5 things must run in Season 6 better than Season 5th

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Interview at Northwestern Medill School of Journalism

Martin has been invited by the Northwestern Medill School of Journalism at a ceremony a few weeks ago. In this context, he told some interesting things about the book series and the TV series:

  • Martin knows how the book will end, but he will not give more than that it could be bittersweet.
  • He is also not originally assumed that it could catch up at some point the series. But now it is so far, but also not overly concerned him on the other side. The series is so not affect Martin's books.
  • The full interview can you watch here in the Loop:

When the sixth season appears? Exact release-date overview

The premiere of the first five seasons was in each case from late March to mid-April. Also in the sixth season is HBO remains true: The start date is April 24, 2016:

What we know to date about the launch date of Season 6

  • Game of Thrones relay team 6 will go on April 24, 2016 in the United States at the start.
  • The German pay-TV broadcaster Sky is probably at the same time offer the squadron in this country in the stream.
  • The dubbed version will follow a few weeks later.
  • David Benioff and D.B. White the role of executive producer will take over once again.
  • Season 6 will again consist of 10 episodes.
  • It is quite possible that there will be a few weeks after airing on HBO and Sky the episodes again for sale on Amazon and iTunes. In Season 5 was the case with an interval of three weeks. 

Game of Thrones Season 5 stream from iTunes*

What's next in Season 6 with Daeny?What's next in Season 6 with Daeny?

What about a Season 7? And 8 ?! How many seasons will be the end?

That there will be a seventh season of Game of Thrones, is identified.  But also a Season 8 will be expected to. So was recently rumored that Game of Thrones at the end of all eight summer will be old &# 8211; this will then probably be seen in 2018 for the first time on the TV screens. Even if HBO would even like to show a Season 9, the producer Daniel Weiss and David Benioff are of the view that should be concluded after eight. The last word is but certainly not yet spoken here. Michael Lombardo, in his program director at HBO, in July 2015:

The question is: How much beyond seven are we going to do? Obviously we're shooting six now, hopefully discussing seven. feel like there's two more years after six. I would always love for them to Change Their minds, but that's what we're looking at right now. -Watchers on the Wall

This decision must not even be bad for quality and excitement of the series, the books but provide enough templates for more storylines and supplements. We assume that Game of Thrones will consist of maximum 8 seasons &# 8211; more it is likely to not give. But: Perhaps it will also still provide various spin-offs or prequels. One option would be a film adaptation of the tail Knight short stories.

Currently there are way, rumors that HBO will soon order Season 7 and 8, or has already ordered even &# 8211; So two new squadrons. The site Deadline reports that Lombardo has confirmed this information at a conference.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, aka Jaime Lannister, was incidentally quoted as saying recently:

It looks as if will be really final after the eighth season. Everything indicates.

So we can safely assume that after eight seasons is the end! In an exclusive interview with Variety, the series creators David Benioff and D.B. express Knows that there will be only 13 new episodes of Game of Thrones for the sixth season. The upcoming season will therefore only of seven, instead of 10 new episodes exist.

In Season 6 again there: Bran Stark!In Season 6 again there: Bran Stark!

What would you think of a total of eight seasons? Too much? Three too little? Write us in the comments, what would you prefer &# 8211; and why.

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