Samsung chief occurs because of “crisis” back – despite record profit

Samsung Electronics will enter this quarter a new record profit, but soon lose his boss. In its quarterly forecast Kwon Oh-Hyun has announced his resignation. That's behind it.

Samsung chief occurs because of

Samsung excellent quarter forecast

Business is excellent for Samsung. The company will enter a new record profit this quarter. We owe the success primarily to strong sales of smartphones such as the Galaxy S8, but also the business with storage, semiconductors and displays. We recently reported that Samsung will earn more on iPhone X, as with our own Galaxy S8 smartphones.

Now the shock: Kwon Oh-Hyun, head of Samsung Electronics - and thus responsible for components, memory chips and displays - resigns. Back in March 2018 he will leave his post.

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Corruption crashes Samsung in "unprecedented crisis"

Although the company makes as much profit as never before in the company's history, a corruption scandal overshadowed the lead. Lee Jae In, the vice chairman of the electronics group was sentenced a few months ago to a prison term of five years. He was supposed to take over the company management in the foreseeable future. Now it is completely different.

Samsung needed, according to Kwon Oh-Hyun, a young and new leadership, which controls the company in a secure and crisis-free future. There are major challenges in the IT industry before the company that can only be met with a new management. The idea to resign, the current head for some time and now wants to start a new life.

What we from Samsung?

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For us, end users hardly anything is likely to change. The head of such a large group, of course, does not take all decisions. Samsung finally grows not only smartphones, but is as good as active as in all business segments. It will be still interesting to see if a new leadership could change future smartphones. So that we would ultimately direct contact. What say you to this decision?

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