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the origins are already in the late nineties, it has the bearded "Movember" movement in 2012, and now this to Germany. Of course, the eleventh month of the year by many of November is redesigned for Movember in, 2015.

Movember 2015: The best beards, meaning, rules of origin

Here you learn what it has and with the "Movember" is all about how the rules for "Movember 2015" look.

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beards &Movember; # 8220&# 8221; &# 8211; What is it?

The origins of the "Movember" in Australia. 2003, a group of Australians wanted to resurrect his mustache after a drinking mood. The participants were addressed by outsiders on their new facial jewelry. Twelve years later, the Movember has become a world-wide movement for a good cause. Meanwhile euros were collected for the Movember Foundation over 450 million used for research projects.

Movember is made up of the words "November" and "Mustache" for mustache. The aim of the movement is to donations for the research and prevention of male-specific diseases such. to collect as prostate cancer, as well as depression and bipolar disorders. Visually shows the Movember, hence the title, by growing a beard upper lip. For the fund-raising project a website has been created, which is also available in German language.

roman-Neustaedter-movemberParticipated in the Movember campaign as early as 2013: Roman Neustädter from FC Schalke 04
  • Those attending Movember, does not, such as in the Ice Bucket Challenge, through a funny video, but shows through a mustache that has to be to grow in November.
  • Here, the Movember should not be an excuse, merely perform a visual change.
  • Rather, to be aware of certain diseases here.
  • In addition, of course, donations especially for the fight against testicular and prostate cancer to be collected.
  • Participants in "Movember", becomes the "MoBro".

Most beards in Movember

The Movember Foundation is giving you suggestions on how you can grow your beard this month:

Shortly before the release of Star Wars Chewbacca leads by example for the Movember ahead:

The Movember creation of Constantin Braun, hockey player with the Eisbären Berlin:

Of course, it is too early in the month to present a stately upper lip part. In the coming days we will update the index of the most active Movember participants.

The rules for Movember 2015

The following rules apply to the Movember:

  1. movember-2014-bartRegistration at
  2. Launch of the facial hair is November 1.
  3. From this day you shall 30 days to grow a mustache.
  4. Beards, goatees or false beards are not allowed.
  5. The "power" of the mustache is to be used for to stimulate conversations about health issues and to raise funds for the fight against prostate cancer, testicular cancer and similar diseases.
  6. The Mustache committed yourselves MoBro also to always behave like a gentleman.
  7. The exact rules for Movember found on the offcial website to move.

On the official website you will also find suggestions for personal Movember beard 2015 as PDF download.

In the vergangenenen years, among others, the Bundesliga football Dominic Maroh from 1. FC Köln and Roman Neustädter have (FC Schalke 04) on the "Movember" competition and brought the mustache back into the Bundesliga stadiums and attracted attention for the Movember movement.

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