Amazon Prime: the service with streaming film worth & amp; Free Delivery?


Prime Day, Prime Reading, exclusive prime deals - Amazon fired its members offer. But the price the company has raised the 2017th One wonders: Is it worth Amazon Prime yet? Introducing the service.


Amazon Prime is a service of the online retailer Amazon, which offers a fast and cost-effective shipping in Germany, film, series and music streaming as well as free loan of a selection of Kindle books and other benefits. In Austria the offer is available on similar terms.

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The subscription price Amazon has raised this year, more on that below. Turning first to the individual components of Amazon Prime:

Prime Reading - a loss leader

End of June 2017, Amazon has increased the prime offer by Prime Reading. There is a flat rate reading hundreds of books, magazines and comics that can be borrowed through the Kindle app or Kindle reader. Interesting titles see our top picks for prime Reading.

Start Photogallery(14 images)read magazines and books for free: good recommendation for Amazon Prime Reading

Amazon offers a few highlights - but numerous series and magazines are in the process of which only the first volume or a copy can be borrowed. At least in part, Prime Reading has to be referred to as "bait and switch" so - namely for the Unlimited * -Abo, which then activates a Zusatzabo only a comprehensive pool of reading material.

Amazon Prime with movie streaming

One of the most interesting features: Amazon Prime includes access to Prime video, so to free streaming thousands films and TV episodes. The video on demand service based on the previous LOVEFiLM. To the selection includes not unbending the latest known productions, but still titles such as Iron Man 1-3, I - Despicable 2, Star Trek Beyond, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay 2, The Girl Next Door, The Big Bang Theory Season up 9 and various exclusive Amazon original. In addition, Amazon has secured the broadcasting rights of Fear The Walking Dead in Germany. Note: The contents change from time to time.

Supported devices *Amazon Prime: the service with streaming film worth & amp; Free Delivery? including Mac, PC, Kindle Fire, iOS devices, Android devices and various Smart TV, Blu-ray players and consoles.

Amazon Prime: Movie Streaming on the iPad

Amazon Prime: Movie streaming included

Amazon Prime Music: After films and music streaming

Music streaming with Prime Music has grown considerably in recent months, Prime customers can listen to two million tracks of international and German artists without further notification and costs. Sounds a lot, but it's not: Paid music services like Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer & Co offer more like 20 to 30 million titles. Prime Music can therefore certainly not compete with a full-blown service - for this the company Amazon Music Unlimited has in its portfolio, incurred for the additional costs.

Our Prime offer at least songs and albums of current artists (Meghan Trainor, Cro, Avicii, Carly Rae Jepsen, Klangkarussell, Pitbull) included, as well as classics (Elton John, The Birds). The music can be heard on Mac and PC as well as on smartphones and tablets - thanks apps even when offline. Very commendable!

book Amazon Prime as a music service that is probably not justified - still a great treat for the customers. For the adult streaming service music unlimited *Amazon Prime: the service with streaming film worth & amp; Free Delivery? get prime-customer discount.

Amazon Prime members get much more than just movies. With our tips & Tricks brings her everything from the service out (video):

324852Useful tips and tricks to Amazon Prime

Free Premium Shipping with Amazon Prime

Let's move from the virtual goods to material things: Prime customers will benefit them with orders, if Amazon itself is the shipper: The shipping is free, even if the purchase is less than 29 euros. In addition, the packets are normally delivered the next day - so it promises at least the advertising. (According to my personal experience I do not rely on it. Maybe to blame but DHL.) Morning- and Evening Express are cheaper than for a normal customers without Amazon Prime.

For a few cities, there is even a supply of selected products on the same day, it is free for orders of 20 Euros for Prime members.

Photo storage space and further benefits for Prime members

Another component is Prime Photos. According to the supplier, it provides unlimited storage for photos in the Amazon Cloud Drive. Via mobile devices, the images can be loaded into memory as well as on Mac and PC. To view extends a compatible console, SmartTV or Amazon Fire TV.

Further advantages of the service:

  • 30 minutes earlier access to most flash offers,
  • exclusive deals,
  • commercial-free streams Twitch and free games content,
  • exclusive shop with everyday items (Amazon Pantry).


Cost of Amazon Prime

Amazon offers a one-month free trial membership for Prime *Amazon Prime: the service with streaming film worth & amp; Free Delivery? at. Since 01 February 2017 falls a Annual fee of 69 euros at (entpsricht 5.75 euros per month), before she was 49 euros. Existing customers will be charged even the old tariff before 1 July 2017 only after the next annual fee is 69 euros.

Students choose the Amazon Student *Amazon Prime: the service with streaming film worth & amp; Free Delivery?-If they want to use only the free shipping and not Kindle Lending Library and Prime Video option.

By the way: Termination of Amazon Prime is quickly and easily * possible in the account settings.

Conclusion: Worth Amazon Prime?

now worth a subscription to the service? Now, movie freaks is not sufficient, the film offer music listeners the music offer book readers the free e-book selection. The individual components are not satisfactory for enthusiasts of the respective division.

With its price Amazon is prime but very interesting as a whole: For the equivalent of 69 euros per year you get a wide range, with the mainly other video on demand providers can not compete in price. Unless one is always equal to the latest blockbuster or would like to see certain movies, you will be well entertained by Amazon. also the music option does not offer anything you want to hear. Nevertheless, for each lot should be there.

Start Photogallery(14 images)Thus squeezing everything out of Amazon Prime

Who any movies want to see for themselves Amazon Prime with the higher price on the other hand is likely not worth. It already takes some orders under 29 euros to amortize the savings Returns the fee. The unlimited photo storage sounds tempting, this but you could also switch to Google. And the selection of books is nice, but bookworms attack because I'd rather have the Unlimited subscription.

Some offers are available exclusively for prime customers also get the flash deals earlier. If you like Browsed here who comes to deals that he might not get without membership - because out of print. Since the annual fee could neutralize at least. Who wants to take advantage of the prime Day, can take the test month:

try Amazon Prime for free*

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