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Latin proverbs: quotes on "clever"

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One of the liveliest dead languages ​​in our time is the Latin language. Even though there were hardly any Latin speakers since the 13th century, the language survived until the 19th century as the language for the church, literature, politics and science ahead and enjoys still large and popularity.

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Although the lectures were no longer held at universities in Europe in the 20th century called in Latin, still remains the language that really no one uses in daily life and can use, very much alive. This is partly because Latin is still used in many thousands of foreign and loan words in German and many other European languages ​​and in the formation of new technical terms (or terms) is still resorted to Latin names.

Latin proverbs and quotes

An additional point that can survive the Latin language in spite of language death continue in the "vernacular", the many proverbs and quotations from poets and thinkers who could outlast the time are. Probably everyone of you ever the sayings "Carpe diem" or "Veni, vidi, vici" read or heard.

With a saying in Latin is also acts almost always eloquent, even if you do not voice (more) controlled or has tormented in school only through the small Latinum. A precondition for this is an appropriate time and reasonably correct pronunciation of Latin sayings.

We want to present some of the finest Latin proverbs and quotes you. This can you also perfect as a status message on Facebook, WhatsApp and Co. use or interject in a conversation and thus amaze friends and relatives with your fluency.

Latin in everyday life

In addition to proverbs and technical terms we encounter &# 8220; Latin&# 8221; figuratively actually every day in a variety of situations. We use the Latin writing system, which is the most widely used writing system in our world. The Latin alphabet is used in most Germanic, Finno-Ugric, ramonischen and Slavic languages. The month names are originally from Latin terms, Roman deities and even by Gaius JULYCaeser us from itself.

Maybe you even once with the &# 8220; Lorem Ipsum&# 8221; come into contact or have the abbreviation R.I.P. used. All this and more comes from the Latin or is still today.

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