XCOM 2: Create the best squad – the best team for every situation

Do you want to create the best squad in XCOM 2, you need a balanced mix of soldiers for your unit. In this Guide we give you tips on the correct compilation of your squad and we can find the right mix of offensive and defensive her.

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In XCOM 2 are you a lot of options on how you can put together the best squad from your pool of soldiers. Different skills, upgrades and items may be able to confuse you at first. Therefore, we give you tips on each class and as you can create it from them the best squad. You are just getting started in the resistance struggle, throw a look into the Beginners Tips to XCOM second

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XCOM 2: Best squad &# 8211; General Tips

  • Basically, you should be sure to have from each of the classes in XCOM 2 one in your squad. So you are flexible in combat, and have more opportunities to react to enemy activity.
  • During the game you switched to up a maximum of six seats troops free. That is, you can take some classes of two. We recommend using the Grenadier and specialist. The Grenadier grants you even more explosive to damage later in the game, the well-armored enemies. With a second specialist you can turn focus to you fully on the offensive, which is useful especially against the biomechanical aliens improved later in the game.
  • In levels without round limit further strengthening of alien units comes when you clean up the card or killing most enemies. Is your troop fit enough, continues to fight and take the Extra experience points and items for your troupe. So it takes out the maximum yield in each mission.
  • Lodged with the upgrades focus on research that will benefit all the soldiers and not just one. This is especially true for technical upgrades. Concentrate here on the improvements for weapons and armor.
  • You definitely will not only to a best squad leave. Reinforcement in the form of a second squad is quite advisable. This you should also specialize in slightly different skills to exhibit more variety in your Resistance Army and replaced if necessary members of your main squad if necessary.
  • The PKS (Personal combat simulations) are a useful upgrade item that permanently improve the attributes of a selected soldiers. They come in different types, each increase a specific attribute. It is recommended about to give a sniper PKS to improve cognition. PKS gets her on the battlefield as loot from slain enemies or you buy them on the black market to information.
  • Customize your loadouts before the fight to the respective classes. to give each class a grenade into the fight, is not necessarily advisable. Let them in the Grenadier Guards. Specialists give her medikits and scanners, sniper benefit from different types of ammunition and rangers are best supplied with additional armor.
A balanced squad is the key to success in XCOM secondA balanced squad is the key to success in XCOM second

Ranger for the best squad

ranger specialize in Mobility and combat. You should be able therefore provide them with equipment that enhance their survivability, agility and damage effects. So give them with extended magazines, laser sights and PKS that increase their dodge. In this way they can shoot more often before they have to reload their critical strike chance is increased and they can dodge attacks better. With the Talon Munitionsmod can further increase their additional critical chance.

Sniper for the best squad

In sniper you should take a focus makes sense to improve the accuracy. so give them the best sights for weapons and related ammunition mods. PKS that are improving their accuracy and perception as important as armor-piercing ammunition.

Perception is essential for the sniper class.Perception is essential for the sniper class.

Specialist for the best squad

The specialists you can either specialize as a healer or offensive fighter. No matter what you decide PKS for a higher range of motion are recommended here. As a healer, you should of course give him medikits, as well as smoke grenades offer themselves here. Offensive specialists turn handle best with struggle scanners, dummies and stun grenades.

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Grenadier for the best squad

The specialist for explosives should give to you your best grenades. Extra armor as the WAR suit and PKS for more health also make it the perfect tank to the frontline. The low ammunition capacity of their primary weapons like her out by appropriate Ammo mods. Since Grenadiers specialize in lowering the armor values ​​of enemies, recommend additional armor-piercing ammunition and grenades acid.

PSI-soldier for the best squad

The PSI soldier is a very flexible class and will look especially good as a mobile supporters for the party. Smoke grenades and overdrive serum should not be missing in its inventory. The PKS for more mobility always gives you the scope to use your psionic attacks. Because of the low loss of their primary weapon in addition recommend mods for the damage increase.

The PSI soldier benefits of increased mobility to use his remote attacks more flexible.The PSI soldier benefits of increased mobility to use his remote attacks more flexible.

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