Optical audio for Apple TV 4 now available for order

What the Apple TV the fourth generation is missing? An optical audio connector (TOSLINK), which the manufacturer emphasized unceremoniously last year. * The set-top box receives the new Kanex Digital Audio Adapter him back now, along with an analog output jacks.

Optical audio for Apple TV 4 now available for order

The outcry was great: Apple streamlined at present Apple TV 4 * the optical audio terminal (TOSLINK, S / PDIF) path. but belonged since the first generation (from 2007) as standard. The reasoning? The now "outdated" connection may no longer exist 1.4 compared to the newer HDMI. The data rate of S / PDIF is too low for 7.1 audio, 5.1 sound can be transferred only compressed and then for playing a Dolby Digital / DTS hardware decoder is logically necessary.




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Optical audio for Apple TV 4: An adapter makes it possible

Owners who are still dependent on the optical audio connection, this argument naturally helps very little. A real alternative now come, however, from Kanex. The new Digital Audio Adapter becomes connected via HDMI to the Apple TV and further offers a "Smuggled through" HDMI output (HDMI 1.4) and the ardently desired, full optical audio connector for matching receiver. For the stereo's are then immediately have a "normal" analog 3.5 mm jack output to. The power supply is provided via a separate power connector and an enclosed power unit.


Works of Kanex Digital Audio Adapter is not only to the current Apple TV 4, the previous generations and other set-top boxes work (for example, Fire TV, Nexus Player, Roku).

Kanex digital audio adapter for Apple TV: Price and Availability

kanex_appletv_arktisListed is the Kanex Digital Audio Adapter quite fresh from an authorized Apple accessory specialist Arctic. There costs the adapter solution 49,95 EUR * (Shipping costs are within Germany included) and is currently being advertised with a delivery time of 4 to 6 days. The first devices expected the dealer from May 4 2016th

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Apple TV the fourth generation explains:

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