Pokémon GO: Relocate trainer and unlock clothes

A new update makes it possible in Pokémon GO to be able to move his coach. With the update you will have access to new clothes such as pants, shoes and shirts. Some clothes and accessories have to buy her or even unlock.

Buy now Pokemon backpack - with Pikachu on his back*

With the Update from mid-February 2017 hold not only 80 new Pokémon way into the app. You also get the chance your to individualize coach continues. However, so are not only new clothes, but also accessories such as bags and belts. In addition, you can take individual garments. But in order to move your coach, you need quite a bit of Pokémünzen. As you earn the coins, you read in the linked guide them.

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Pokémon GO: So you go on your coach to

You want to visually aufhübschen you a little bit and looks for new, fashionable styles? No problem! In the map screen you typed simply left on the image of your trainer. Thereafter, here for the citizens menu to the right in the corner (the menu with the 3 horizontal stripes). Here you will find a small hangers. Selects next to Customize and looks the new clothes to you. Most of which you have to buy from Pokémünzen. In the next section we show you how many coins have to shell out her to buy the sweet pink top.

Start Photogallery(25 images)Pokémon GO: The most bizarre Pokémon localities in real life Accessories such as backpacks and caps can you buy you real money.Accessories such as backpacks and caps can you buy you real money.

buy clothes and unlock

Everything you lack a complete make-over, are Pokémünzen. You can buy them in packages in the shop. Besides the number of medals we have listed in the table, what you to pay real money need to get the garment in question. But keep in mind that you would pay possibly less if you buy a package consisting of more coins.

symbolcategorycoinsReal money
muetze1Women's hats350€ 3.50
muetze21801.80 €
muetze38008 €
muetze41001 €
muetze1mHats for men1801.80 €
muetze2m8008 €
muetze3m1001 €
brille1Glasses for women4004 €
brille21601.60 €
brille3500.50 €
brille1Eyeglasses for Men4004 €
brille21601.60 €
brille3500.50 €
string1Necklaces for womenfree-
shirt1Tops for Women2202,20 €
shirt22202,20 €
shirt32202,20 €
shirt45005 €
shirt55005 €
shirt65005 €
shirt7220 *2,20 €
shirt81001 €
shirt91001 €
shirt1mMen's Tops5005 €
shirt2m2202,20 €
shirt3m2202,20 €
shirt4m5005 €
shirt5m5005 €
shirt6m5005 €
shirt7m220 *2,20 €
shirt8m1001 €
shirt9m5005 €
shirt10m2202,20 €
hose1Bottoms for women800.80 €
hose22002 €
hose32002 €
hose52002 €
hose6800.80 €
hose1mBottoms for men800.80 €
hose2m2002 €
rucksack1Backpacks for women350€ 3.50
rucksack1mBackpacks for menfree-
glovesGloves for womenfree-
handschuhemGloves for menfree-
guertel1Belt for Women100
socken1Socks for womenfree-
socken1mSocks for menfree-
ShoesShoes for womenfree-
schuhemShoes for menfree-

* These shells can you only activate when their level reached 30th

Click her upper right corner of the face, you can not just your eye, hair and skin color change, but change the sex of your trainer. Have you bought you clothes, it is retained even after the change.

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