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Cyberfox is based on the Firefox source code, but optimized for 64-bit Systems web browser.

Cyberfox is based on the Mozilla Firefox source code, free web browser that, however, is available in an optimized 64-bit systems Version unlike Mozilla browser. These have the advantage that a process more than four GB of memory can be added exhibit, which increases performance. Also contribute to a higher efficiency of Cyberfox does the fact that the developers have instead of Visual Studio 2010, which was used in the development of Firefox, used for its programming Visual Studio 2012 Design. Furthermore, by Cyberfox using the Windows 8 SDK. This also contributes to the fact that the browser achieved a higher performance than the Firefox.

Firefox extensions usable even under Cyberfox

In Cyberfox also features Telemetry, Health Report and some other features have been removed, collect user data and are included in Firefox. Since Cyberfox nevertheless based on the Firefox code, all extensions for the Mozilla browsers are used under Cyberfox.


Different Cyberfox spending on Intel and AMD processors

is available for download here the Cyberfox output for 32- and 64-bit Intel processors. However, there is also a version for 32- and 64-bit AMD processors, can you download the you under the following links: Firefox for AMD processors (64-bit), Cyberfox for AMD processors (32-bit). If you're not sure if you use an Intel or AMD processor, you can find out what you optionally also can tell whether their used- a 32- or 64-bit system that with the tool CPU-Z.

By default, the language of the Cyberfox English. However, there are other language packs as extensions to download, including German. To download the German language pack, you operated the previous link and allows the installation of the extension.


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