Create mind map online: The three best free services

But clearly different Bubbl operates the Online Mind Mapping Mind42. It starts on the English, Austrian side with the fact that you have absolutely open an account if you want to create a first mind map online here. The login will not work unless you have clicked on a link in a confirmation email. And the process of creating is a little more different. At first glance, less free. But gradually you will notice that this results in a good form of structuring.

mindmap online mind42Mind42 provide a totally free mind maps online service!

Mind42 is financed by advertising. Who wants to have an ad-free site paying the small amount of € 9.99 a year or can account for 29.99 € can unlock unlimited. Otherwise, there are no restrictions on the free account and so here you have the opportunity to work with several of his mind maps online, without having to pay extra!

Also noteworthy is the export function. It offers us &# 8211; next to the Mind42 format &# 8211; Export to Freemind and Mindjet to. So we can use the online mind maps created on a home computer. Moreover, we can still save the mind map as PDF, RTF and graphic formats. we can also make our work public and present it to all who have the correct link to a publishing feature. This works very well on a thoughtful and simple function. Even an embed code for websites provides Mind42 us.

Anyone who wants to create clearly structured mind maps online, get along with unobtrusive advertising and looking for good features, which is best served at Mind42.

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