All aboard the hype train departs: My opinion on the subject of expectations

Please all get in, they forget their belongings not on the platform and leave them unattended baggage! The hype-train belongs to video games by now so much about how the release date. Why? And why do we always fall back inside him? And it really be so bad if the expectations are not met?

All aboard the hype train departs: My opinion on the subject of expectations

From &# 8220; Choo Choo&# 8221; and &Meh; # 8220&# 8221; &# 8211; The hype Station

When leaving the station in the video game world of hype-train, then the fan spirits split. Some jumping enthusiastically on the transferred train on and celebrate their expectations spherical heights, others prefer to wait on the platform and indulge in the closed-off smoking area still Zigarettchen. I'm different. Or in any case: &# 8230; become. Over the years I have been a lot of hype-surfers to a unimpressed &Meh; # 8216&8217; developed -Sager. But you know what? Nothing bad has it.

Everything was better before

Time travel: We write in December 1996, I get a VHS video in the hands, which aims to bring me the Nintendo 64th Three games will be presented to: Super Mario 64, Pilotwings 64 and Wave Race. I made this video from December &8217; 96 to March &8217; 97 Viewed 3,000 times. No shit. I totgespult this tape, I grabbed my controller from the Super Nintendo and pretended like I was controlling gyrocopter and jet skis. Hype? In any case. Sure, I was just a bit younger, but this thing has pretty wicked made me hot on the Nintendo 64th But it did not take long until I was able to keep the thing itself in his hands. And it did not take long until I could play even Mario 64, Pilotwings 64 and Wave Race. And how well I've felt at the terminus of the hype Trains, because: Each game has met my expectations and even exceeded.

In a narrow gorge, most battles played out in goazanischen wasteland.Expectations high. End product: Standard.

Fast Forward. The year is 2014: Somehow suddenly comes this game called &Evolve; # 8220&# 8220 ;. An asymmetric multiplayer titles, Monsters vs. Hunter, sounds very horny, horny advertising campaign, horny preliminary reporting, new, cool development studio. And Bäm: The game appears, gets mediocre reviews and after two weeks no one speaks more about it. This hype-train went out of steam. Continue to E3 2015: The world is ticking out, is announced as fallout 4th There is new information about Star Wars Battlefront, finally again a &# 8220; right&# 8221; &# 8220; Star Wars&-Game; #. 8221 Well, maybe people have become reflected over time, but the way it sounded to me, every rider hype Trains has sought a seat near the emergency brake lever. If one has learned from the mistakes of the past?

Too expensive for pure Multiplayer: So I think Star Wars Battlefront shit!

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Of unfulfilled expectations and Tinder-Dates

Of course, the euphoria is a great thing. Where would we be if we do not look forward to things that might excite things? But you have to take any form of enthusiasm for the product, which de facto does not exist yet, so expect that the hype-train derailed on the last stop. The release of Star Wars Battlefront was now not a disaster, but somehow not as hammergeil as expected in advance. But, wait a minute&# 8230; Are our expectations now just too high? we depend on us so much hanging by a thread of hope? It's a bit like when Tindern: We hope that the person is the fulfillment of our lives at the other end of the keyboard. And when we see it then, we realize that this person like any other their quirks and edges has. Clear, quirks and edges can be ironed out. Video games one can nowadays patch anyway. But it's different when you dream prince or get to know -prinzessin on the house party of a friend who you talk to, and evolved into something. Random encounters that end in great loves. Projected on video games that mean in practice: Hey, we're this small development studio called Play Dead, because we have this game developed Limbo, which can download ye now, it does not cost much, we hope you like it. And Bäm: smash hit! Took, had to be developed, but was worth it.

limboNo hype, play well: Limbo

Conclusion: Saver for the hype-train?

What I mean to say is: A-Train hype is fine as long as it serves as a vehicle for expression of anticipation and excitement. Hype-train is bad if it serves to build up expectations that can be met by either side. And what about the future? Now that the hype-train to No Man&# 8217; s Sky has already started full speed, the pace has very reduced in recent weeks and months. It remains to be seen whether he will achieve his goal at all, or derail it. I for one am not ready for my part that I look at the PSX demo of No Man&# 8217; s look and Sky with my PlayStation 3 controller gameplay aftermath. No more.


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