should 15 Wild West games that you know absolutely: High Noon

Call of Juarez (PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

call of juarezThe series, which began so gloriously with Bound in Blood and then but lost again to charm with The Cartel is one of the Wild West brands such. Before Techland completely versäuerte with Dead Iceland's reputation, we were allowed to go namely with the various family members of McCall on Sheriff and Outlaw hunting and it had unforgettable moments.

Here is the Mexican Desperado &# 8220; Juarez&# 8221; firmly interwoven in all games always the focus, because with him is the legendary treasure of the Aztecs. Great shooter action in a credible Western setting.

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LucasArts&8217; Outlaws (PC)

outlaws Not to be confused with the Outlaws for the C64 (which we will have yet mentioned at this point) is Outlaws LucasArts a first-class shooter based on the Jedi engine of Star Wars: Dark Forces. As an aging US Marshal James Anderson pulls her again in a bloody campaign against lawless gangs who have kidnapped his daughter.

Great single and multiplayer shooter with a surprising number of story twists that resulted in the charming graphic style of Jedi Knight to several prices. A must for any Wild West fan.

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Sunset Riders (Mega Drive, SNES)

sunset ridersDirectly from the slot machines to the two hottest consoles of the 80s. Sunset Riders is a classic arcade side-scroller in which you will clean up to four bounty hunters the streets and prairies of the Wild West of vermin. Run, jump and shoot &# 8211; what can you do wrong there already?

If you are not in the wedding of SNES and Megadrive grew up or has not yet seen the original slot machines, but one should at least know this game by name.

Oddworld: Stranger&# 8217; s Wrath (Xbox, PS3, PSP, Wii U, PC)

oddworld strangers wrathThat took a long time. Finally the shooter, settled in the wild is Oddworld, also available for PC through Steam. The Stranger, a bounty hunter of an extinct race, is fast even the hunted. With all sorts of ingenious weapons the mobile relatives of Abe of Abe white&# 8217; s Odyssey, however, to set properly to defend.

The perspective changes quickly between third person and first person shooter view, rest depending on whether you just graduated from one of the many action-adventure shooter or parts. Excellent!

Wild Arms (PSX, PS2)

wild armsFinal Fantasy goes West: Wild Arms is the JRPG under the Wild West games. Located in the manga-esque fantasy world Filgaia you play though no cowboy in itself, but creating soundtrack and setting such a nice atmosphere that you quickly forget that cowboys and Indians have not fought with mecha and magic but with Colts and arches.

Out of turn, but still a very great RPG series in a Wild West setting with a difference.

70Wild Arms PSX Opening - GIGA 


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