Constructor HD: This crazy building strategy game fills a gap on the new consoles

20 years ago, the legendary British developer System 3 publish the funny building strategy game Constructor. Today, the genre is unfortunately treated only very neglected. Fortunately, we expect soon a revised edition of the classic with the same black humor.

522constructor - "Yes Gov'nor!" - Teaser Trailer

Trends are not only in music or movies, even games are subject to such cyclical changes. 20 years ago there were still building strategy games, for example, were a safe bet for developers and publishers. Today, this is more an issue for the niche. One of the best representatives of this period is now returning though. Constructor HD is the HD remake of the same witty building strategy classic from the nineties, which has sold fewer than five million copies - including new features and a prettier presentation.

In Constructor You have a real estate firm and have you bother with their own apartments and houses as well as the corresponding tenants. To clear troublesome competitors out of the way you use any means. You can, for example, hired shady characters, guide a few hippies in the residential area of ​​the competitors or to rely on skinheads, prostitutes and murderous clowns. The goal in the end is to control as a real estate mogul the city. Here, the game impresses with its sharp black humor, which is characterized by absurd characters and deceptive comments.


Classic in modern guise

The funny real estate hell opens its doors in late April on PC and console. Some of the new features for your rise as Immobilienhai are you also explained in the above-integrated trailer. These include more cards, adjustments to the game balance and the surface and new abilities. There are, for example, but also the new online mode to compete against players all over the world. Constructor HD also offers a new editor so you can design your own city. In addition, you expect at a later date more downloadable additional contents to offer you a fair price new opportunities.

The control on console has been simplified by many logical shortcuts and goes slightly out of hand. The surface has become more user friendly and has been expanded by additional zoom options. These make it easier to keep track of your property. After a short Preview I can confirm that the control with the controller feels surprisingly intuitive and logical indeed. Of course, the graphics and character models and animations have been revised, was just like every other aspect of Constructor of the original team tested and improved. However, it is actually managed nevertheless to remain faithful to the original.

Get now the funny Constructor HD*

With the implementation of Constructor HD get PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo switch a great representative of a genre that would otherwise occur there almost not at all. Building strategy games rarely work because of the complex game mechanics and optimized for keyboard and mouse control on a console. But System 3 it seems to actually be able to evacuate the usual problems out of the way.

Gallery Constructor HD

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Constructor HD will be released on April 28, 2017 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. A little later also the version followed for Nintendo switch. Are you looking forward forward to the remake? Perhaps you have even the original? Do you think also that there is too little time strategy games today - especially for console?


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