Nintendo Switch: That’s why the console does not support 4K

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Nintendo CEO Reginald Fils-Aime has said in an interview with The Verge a few weeks ago about the future plans of the company. Among other things, he revealed why the introduction of a 4K resolution on Nintendo switch does not belong.

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The 4K resolution establishing itself increasingly becoming a standard feature of today's consoles. Xbox One X is making a start with integrated "real" 4K resolution; it probably is only a matter of time before Sony be succeeded by a new PlayStation. However, Nintendo does not want to jump on this train, as the audience, according to Fils-Aimé "is a bit too limited":

"Nintendo's mission is to reach as many consumers to our to interact and have fun. That's what we try and do. This is our natural approach to the mainstream audience. Of course, we want our products are affordable, "the Nintendo boss.

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Next noted Reggie: "A more limited consumer pool (and an associated) to meet higher price point, which otherwise requires investment &# 8211; 4K TV, for example, &# 8211; that's the honest to us, is a bit too limited a strategy. "

consequently, so Nintendo is pursuing a user-friendly price strategy in order to offer you maximum fun without your wallet has to suffer. Do you find this approach good or do you think your switch games but prefer to play in 4K?