Xbox One: Apps and games end in the background

Will finish her background apps or games on the Xbox One and close, but not know how to do that? We tell you in this guide, how you get your applications closes in a few steps in order not to bring your Microsoft console too much sweat and making resources.


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If it so bothers you that nor any apps and games in the background of your Xbox One run, you should close it to make resources of the console free and to save power. We tell you below how her background apps and games on the Xbox One can close quickly. With us you learn the way also how their apps can dock to the home screen of the Xbox One.

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Thus ended their apps and games on the Xbox One

Unless you have certain problems with games or apps on the Xbox One, or simply want to change their content, it is recommended to close the background applications. To do this you simply goes as follows:

  1. Suppressed in the game or in the app Xbox button on your controller to the start page to return.
  2. Make sure that the appropriate great app tile is marked.
  3. Now presses on your controller, the Menu button with the three horizontal lines.
  4. now selects the point break up from to close the app or game final.

If your Xbox One stop responding through a game or app, it switches off and on again once a.

With us you read and how you hear on the Xbox One music streaming and store can or how you start a party-chat and can solve problems. Is your Xbox Live down again, we will also give you an overview of faults and problems.

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