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The battle between humans and Locust going into the last round. With Gears of War 3 Epic Games will end 360 series with a bang, the extremely successful Xbox. As a player, we may assume the right kept simple character role of Upper Proll Marcus Fenix ​​again. He leads his battle-hardened team in part three in the final, decisive battle. The Delta unit must fight deep behind enemy lines for the survival of mankind.

Epic's Cliffy B previously announced already that Gears of War 3 will offer much more than dull banging and cool quotes. Marcus Fenix ​​will see his presumed dead father, the threat of the Locust is reinforced by the arrival of the infected Lambent even. These mutated Locust be called Imulsion even more aggressive and stronger and threatens to wipe out the entire universe what Fenix ​​and Cole course, do not let this lying down.

The gameplay of "Gears of War" is this change only minimally. Finally, the bloody mix part of a cover a sophisticated system, the best that could be seen on the Xbox 360 so far a convincing arsenal of weapons and sophisticated enemy AI. We must above all expect improvements. In addition to the co-op and online multiplayer modes, the developers have made the opponents diversity. In multiplayer part, we now offer a new Horde mode, including the Horde 2.0 mode. Here you have more tactical approach now that you exchange with your cronies items and weapons and have to build towers.

Game Mechanically everything is of course the same. The cover system there just as the Lancer chainsaw and the thick boss fights. Bizarre that we will come in Germany to enjoy the violence Opera - unlike its predecessors, Gears of War 3 has namely received a USK Rating and thus can not be indexed. This is justified by the increased story content and the tactical claim in the new Horde mode, where you can now even build defense towers.


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