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LICEcap is an interesting freeware program with which you can record and save any part of the screen as an animated GIF. The program is easy to use and provides great results.

The concept of LICEcap is actually pretty clever. Not everyone can open any video file. But GIF graphics do not make problems usually. They also can be integrated into web pages easy. So this tool manufactures of shots of the desktop and saves it as a GIF. So that everyone gets along. The operation of the program is delightfully simple and has over similar programs equal to some benefits. Those who want to quickly record a small movies in which he, for example, to illustrate the sequence of a program operation, which is in good hands.

LICEcap features

If we install the LICEcap download and then start, then we'll see where we see a section of the desktop only a transparent Windows window. This window can be resized and move easily. So you can place where you want to take a shot it there. Here is scho9n an advantage over similar programs, which, however, make videos: The need firm proportions in general. LICEcap we can be optionally changed in height or width &# 8211; by the way, even with pixel accuracy &# 8211; because those restrictions GIF graphics do not apply.

LICEcap demoSo LICEcap takes animated GIFs of actions on the PC

So LICEcap makes screen captures and stores the results so as animated GIFs. Optionally, a proprietary format called LCF can be used even that but then again is a special format and makes little sense. Although since the resolution and color depth can be higher.

A big advantage over similar tools is the fact that you move the frame during recording can to the Focus can relocate to a different part of the screen. The competition here is limited to a screen window in the rule.

LICEcap offers several special features for screen captureLICEcap offers several special features for screen capture

The downside is that there is no sound recordings in GIF images, can be compensated also. You can see the recording at any time by clicking on the pause button or the key combination Ctrl + Alt + P to pause, and then display a small text screen. Almost like in old silent movies. While the screen recording is paused, the window of LICEcap hovers over all others.

To reduce the size of the images, we can adjust the frame rate. In a standard shooting the 8 frames per second. If necessary can be also insert the elapsed time since the start of recording in the image.

Particularly useful for presentations of program uses is the option that represents the LICEcap clicks by a small circle around the cursor. So the recipient can clearly see if in certain situations with a single click. And of course, we can determine how many times the animated GIF to be repeated.


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