Nintendo NX: Announcement of the console takes place today – officially

After all the rumors of the past year and a half, Nintendo will finally provide clarity. Even today, the Japanese company will officially present the Nintendo NX.

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After all the rumors that haunted over the past year and a half through the net, it is understandable that the player base will finally have clarity about what exactly is hidden behind the Nintendo NX. Now Nintendo wants to finally meet this request and announced via their own social media channels that today the first trailer will be released to the console.

The Nintendo NX will be presented at 16 o'clock our time. At that time, Nintendo will release a three-minute video to the system and answer at least some of the outstanding issues. For more information about Nintendo NX are expected on the Nintendo investors meeting in the coming week.

In recent months, there have been new rumors about the NX. This threw several questions, such as whether the system is a hybrid of handheld and console or whether a power force can be similar to the PlayStation 4 achieved. Recently it was said that the system will be introduced this week - and at least this rumor has now been confirmed.

Appear to the Nintendo NX in March 2017. Maybe you can find out this afternoon already, save how much money until then the system should.

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