iPhone 6 Plus in the long-term test – Part 3: Performance and battery life

iPhone 6 Plus battery lifeiPhone 6 Plus battery life

That optimization is critical, is also reflected in the battery life. The iPhone 6 Plus battery works with 2910 mAh, which is comparatively less for a smartphone of this size. Nevertheless, the iPhone 6 Plus holds almost two days by in normal use.

Apple's battery life as follows:

- Talk time up to 24 hours (iPhone 6: 14 hours)
- Standby time up to 16 days (iPhone 6: 10 days)
- Internet usage: 12 hours, over 3G / LTE / WLAN (iPhone 6 10 hours of 3G / LTE and 11 hours of WLAN)
- Video playback 14 hours
- Audio playback 80 hours

The only unit that really matters to me, is a normal day. Manages the iPhone for a long day, or not.

I am a heavy users, many photos and videos do (such as in this review), have installed many apps that I use regularly, and eight mail accounts, some with a push, two with Exchange and sync to my entered iPhones. I get in two days an average of 100 e-mails and dozens of short messages. It is a busy traffic on my iPhone.

With my iPhone 5s I came without a spare battery does not have a long day. Accordingly, it was almost packed the entire last year in a Mophie Juice Pack.

With the iPhone 6 Plus I do not need more spare battery. I'll loose a busy day and I left late in the evening just over one third of the battery charge until the next morning is enough.

With the iPhone 6 Plus you also have to rethink a little. If the battery status of my iPhone had fallen to 20 percent 5s, I was already nervous. You could look literally, as the battery level gen 0 sank. The iPhone 6 Plus 20 percent range for much longer. After all, the battery has almost twice the capacity.


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