Alpha Betty Saga: guide, tips, tricks and cheats (Android / iOS)

With Alpha Betty Saga developers throw their latest gaming app in the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store. Just as in the saga predecessors Candy Crush, Farm Heroes and Co. you have to match different playing fields and collect points in Alpha Betty saga.

Alpha Betty Saga: guide, tips, tricks and cheats (Android / iOS)

Unlike the other aforementioned representatives of match-3 games you have in Alpha Betty Saga no food string together, but bring together letters to form words.

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Alpha Betty Saga: Instructions

At the beginning of the level you will find a confusing at first glance collection of letters on the screen. Here you have now that called .Wählt this similar to Scrabble least three adjacent letters that it's matching by swiping a word. Did you recognize a correct word, it appears in green on the screen. Results from your letters a word, the stones remain blue.

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Alternatively, you can tap next to wipe on the letters to order those into one word. Words can be found in the following ways and formed:

  • Left to right
  • Bottom-up
  • From right to left
  • From top to bottom
  • Diagonally and around the corner letters can be strung together to form words.

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The individual Alpha Betty Saga levels can set individual goals. For example, a certain number of pieces of cheese from the top of the screen down to be transported. Alternatively you have to find a certain number of words, letters rid of bubbles or solve words with a target number of letters.

Alpha Betty Saga: Tips and Tricks

The individual tiles have different attributes:

  • Transparent tiles have no value, but offer themselves, if you want to fill a gap to form especially long and complicated words.
  • Silver tiles bring double points for the contained letters.
  • Golden letters double the value of the value produced. The more golden letters, the higher the score.

In addition, there are various stones, bring the bonus features are released:

  • The stone with the arrows you get by forming words with five or more letters. Tiles This can be used to destroy any kind.
  • The shuffle function mixes the stones mixed up on the field. You fill in the shuffle booster by new words are always formed.
  • The effect of the crown depends on the selected game mode. The crown tile falls on the field of play as soon as a word of four fields was assembled. Sets her the crown within a word as letters, something miraculous.

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Alpha Betty: solutions for all levels?

Solutions for all levels in Alpha Betty Saga does not exist. The pitches are shuffled each round, so there is no clear step-by-step instructions for solving the Alpha Betty Saga levels. With a little creativity and happiness in the distribution of tokens you should, however, come through the individual rounds, without having to invest money for additional trains.

Gallery Alpha Betty Saga

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Alpha Betty Saga: Cheats?

Also cheat do not exist for Alpha Betty saga. Downloading the app is free, the developers refinance the production of the game mainly through in-app sales. Legal Alpha Betty Saga cheats do not exist therefore. Should you on the net come across a Alpha Betty Saga hack download, you should this content skeptical are facing. Often these are fake files via the trojans and viruses on your hard drive are channeled. In other places you get no alpha Betty Saga Cheat for more trains u. Ä., But give your account data, such. As for the Google Play Store recklessly out of hand.

If you want to create a level necessarily, but have no more life, you can imagine the system time on your smartphone. So it shortens the waiting time until the next new Alpha Betty Saga life be unlocked. Respects in this cheat, however, that the new waiting period shall be extended accordingly again if it returns the time.

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