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The Lufthansa online check-in you can check in online and you print your boarding pass before departure. In the following guide, we explain how the whole works and how you check in with the Lufthansa online check-in at the airport faster.

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Lufthansa Online Check-In &# 8211; How it works&# 8217; s

The Lufthansa online check you have the possibility to check in 23 hours before departure at the computer and print out your boarding pass yourself or to send to your smartphone. So you avoid unnecessary delays at the airport and starts stress-free holiday. First, we explain how it works, the next paragraph you read then some tips on how you can check in at the airport faster. Important: To check in online you you need an electronic ticket (is when booking sent by email to you).

Lufthansa check-in

  1. Go to the website of Lufthansa and get in touch with ticket number, booking code or frequent flyer card. More information about the frequent flyer program can be found here: Lufthansa Miles & More: Credit card, partners, grudge - all about the frequent flyer program.
  2. Now you get to the check-in. Here you can reserve for all passenger seating positions using the interactive seat map.
  3. simply select it in the seating plan overview the relevant person and the route for which you want to reserve a one seat.
  4. Then clicks in the seating plan on the required seat (availability are marked in green).
  5. Then it chooses the next person and the next route for which you want to reserve a seat.
  6. After you've selected for all routes and passengers the places you click on the Next button.
  7.  Now you get the check-in confirmation and boarding pass &# 8211; to print out the boarding pass, you choose the option to print boarding pass.
  8. Alternatively, you can also pick a mobile boarding pass can be directly sent to your smartphone or tablet. Selects to the end of the Lufthansa online check-in option mobile boarding card and give your mobile phone number or email address.
Note: If you want, can you you print pick up your boarding pass at the airport at an airport check-in or at a check-in terminal for Lufthansa. It may, however, be a wait &# 8211; especially at peak times. Lufthansa online check-in is therefore generally the better option. With us you also find out how you can query the flight status at Lufthansa.Group of business person at the international airport

Hans air online check-in &# 8211; Tips for quick check-in

If you want to check in as soon as possible at the airport and want to save you the endless queues, you should select the option Mobile boarding pass at Lufthansa online check-in. The mobile boarding pass Lufthansa is available on many routes, on the following overview you can see whether your route is attending.

  • Advantage of the mobile boarding pass: If you travel with hand luggage only, you come directly to the security check at the gate: The queues at airport check-in can you spare you that.
  • Do you have suitcases or other luggage you have to give them first at a baggage drop off and on baggage. simply shows to the 2D code on the mobile boarding pass the corresponding Lufthansa employees at the counter.
  • When boarding the aircraft you your Smartphone / Tablet hold the scanner of the Quick boarding device at the gate. If there are changes to the seating plan, they will be shared with you here.
Note: If you have problems with your mobile boarding pass, you can you of course a conventional boarding pass at check-in to pick up machine or at a Lufthansa counter. This also applies to the case when, for example, the battery of your mobile device is empty or you have accidentally deleted their mobile boarding pass. Also read how you can rebook a flight with Lufthansa.

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