Xiaomi Mi S: Compact high-end smartphone to compete with iPhone SE and Co.

Apparently Xiaomi is working on a more compact version of the Mi 5S. With a 4.6-inch display and high-end specifications would compete with the iPhone SE or the Xperia X Compact called the Xiaomi Mi S.

Xiaomi Mi S: Compact high-end smartphone to compete with iPhone SE and Co.

The market for compact smartphones is manageable. Beyond the underpowered entry-level models there are hardly any handy alternatives to Galaxy S7, OnePlus 3T and Co. - the latter are handy with 5 inches or more also limited. In this market gap Xiaomi now legs away clean. The Chinese company is known for diversity in the portfolio anyway, there's a potent competitor to the iPhone dusty SE and the inconspicuous Xperia X Compact close.

Such a model already Umtrieb at the beginning of the rumor mill. Shortly before the end of the now Xiaomi Mi S smartphone called for gripping seems close. On the Chinese platform Weibo alleged presentation slides published with all technical data.

Xiaomi Mi S with 4.6-inch display and 4 GB of RAM

With Snapdragon 821, 4GB RAM (DDR4) and 128 GB (UFS 2.0) data storage occurs, the compact handheld in the footsteps of the presented until September Xiaomi Mi 5S. Except for the screen size, which is 4.6 inches on the Mi S, the specs are virtually identical. This also applies to the full HD resolution that brings about a whopping 478 ppi whether the size. Furthermore, on board a camera with 12 MP with Sony IMX378 sensor, f / 2.0 aperture and dual-LED, and a front panel 4-MP camera having 2-micron pixels, f / 2.0 aperture and 80-degree Wide.

Gallery Xiaomi Mi S Leak

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The dimensions are in accordance with the source of 128.3 x 64 x 8.2 mm, the weight is 138 grams. Another difference is the built Mi 5S Battery: With a smaller screen and a battery should be enough "only" 2,600 mAh; Quick Charge 3.0 is supported by the way. Moreover, from a fingerprint sensor, the speech. Whether it is also an ultrasonic model is like the Xiaomi Mi 5S, is not known.

Unless the rumors are true, Xiaomi is thus entering a large scale in the market compact smartphones. When the release will take place is unclear.

Source: Weibo via Fonearena

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