For RIDA cards and get best weapon: Ratchet and Clank

The dynamic Heldenduo Ratchet and Clank can you play now in a revamped version for the PlayStation 4th The remake is not only in a fancier graphics, therefore, but also brings you new bosses, planets and especially weapons. How you get the missile throwing RIDA in Ratchet and Clank, we show you in this guide.

Holokarten take on an important role Ratchet and Clank on. So there are two different ways that you can collect and bring you important trophies. Also, you can 9 special Holokarten, collect so-called RIDA cards that brings you the best weapon. The Locations RIDA all cards in Ratchet and Clank we tell you the following Guide.

See here the story trailer for Ratchet and Clank:

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Ratchet and Clank: So you get the RIDA weapon

while you normal Holokarten in Ratchet and Clank characters, places and weapons show you can with so-called RIDA cards the legendary Boomstick R.I.D.A. unlock. This gun shoots the same time 9 missiles from, each individual one Automatic target tracking has. R.I.D.A. is also the most powerful weapon in the game.

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RIDA is an acronym that stands for tearing it to you on. In the English version of Ratchet and Clank weapon RYNO is, which means as much as rip you a new one. To get this weapon, you need 9 RIDA cards that meet you in different places. Do you all together, you have to Black market traders in Blackwater City go, so that he can hand you the gun.

Collect all nine cards to obtain RIDA.Collect all nine cards to obtain RIDA.

Unlock RIDA: localities of RIDA cards in Ratchet and Clank

In the following table we tell you where you can find all 9 RIDA cards to get the legendary weapon in Ratchet and Clank:

RilgarRIDA 1DietrichStarts at the black market trader who told you about RIDA. There is a door on his left. Behind it is the map.
RilgarRIDA 2-To obtain this RIDA card, you must complete the Blackwater City hoverboard race with the first place.
NebulaRIDA 3DietrichOn the space station, there is a room that can be opened only with Dietrich. Here you find the map.
BataliaRIDA 4DietrichFollows the normal way through the area until you find a building on the left side, which is closed. Opens it and finds the RIDA card.
quartuRIDA 5-Starts at the round gate in the factory and uses the nearby cannon to destroy the gate.
Kalebo IIIRIDA 6 Protosuitmagnetic bootsThis card can not get on the first pass it. Plays the local hoverboard racing through and lands on the first place.
DeplanetisatorRIDA 7Clank's jet engineThese holochart get her to take a second pass. It is located on a platform that you can only reach it when you use the jet engine for a container left in the hangar. In the platform is with the card.
Kerwanstar signDietrichAlways keep to the right as soon as you land on the planet. Here is a power door on it by the need to open Dietrich.
GasparharbingerJet-PackThe holochart is near your quest in which you must try their brains. Here are two towers, run behind it and let fall down you on a platform.

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