ESET completely uninstall – Here’s how

If you have problems to uninstall your ESET product or reinstall it, the ESET Uninstaller helps. We show how to do it.

ESET completely uninstall - important's

uninstall ESET

Virus scanners such as the doing of ESET to be difficult to completely uninstall often. If you want to then re-install a different virus scanning the virus scanner or even, it can cause problems.

Then you can remove it completely and fully with the ESET Uninstaller her following ESET products:

  • ESET NOD32 Antivirus
  • ESET Smart Securtity
  • ESET Endpoint Security / ESET Endpoint Antivirus

ESET Uninstaller removes program remains

In some circumstances the uninstaller tool may affect the drivers of your network adapter.

  1. Backs up before your network adapter settings.
  2. For this you open the command prompt with administrator privileges by you open the Start menu, by cmd investigated and the Ctrl and Shift key down while you click on the search result.
  3. then give the following command:
    netsh -c interface dump > c: \ NetworkSettings.txt
  4. After using the tool, you install your network drivers, if necessary, and sets the previous settings using the following command in the command prompt restores:
    netsh -f C: \ NetworkSettings.txt

So you delete the ESET product completely:

  1. Invite you to ESET Uninstaller and stores the program as on the desktop.
  2. Starts Windows in safe mode (manual Windows 10 | Windows 7 | Windows 8).
  3. now opens the uninstaller tool, read the warning message and confirmed by y, unless you agree.

    Confirmed with Confirmed with "y" if you agree

  4. The tool will scan your PC for ESET products that can be uninstalled.
  5. Looks at the number, the product of which want to uninstall it, and confirmed with y.

    Selects the product that want to remove it. Source: ESETSelects the product that want to remove it. Source: ESET

  6. After uninstalling you press any key and restart the computer.

According to ESET it may be that you have to perform several times the tool if it still comes to error messages.


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