What does PWNED and OWNED? Where’s the difference? Easily explained

In chats, on images and especially when gaming you can often find the expression PWNED OWNED or as a comment. But what does this word mean? And where is the difference between PWNED and OWNED? We'll tell it to you in this guide.

What does PWNED and OWNED? Where's the difference? Easily explained

The words pwned and owned occur relatively often in chat rooms on the Internet images and especially the gaming front. But what does the term, and where is the difference?

What does PWNED and OWNED? Where's the difference? Easily explained

The term is pwned simply resulted from a clerical error. Actually wanted to write instead owned users. However, since the P is on the keyboard next to the O, it happens very often during rapid letter that is then just written pwned. Meanwhile, the term has pretty well established pwned, so it is also used deliberately synonymous with owned. But what is owned? Translation sheds.

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PWNED Translation: That means the term

The English verb &# 8220; to own&# 8221; in German means primarily &# 8220; have something&# 8221 ;. But it also says translates Free &# 8220; dominate someone or something&# 8221 ;. Based on the Gaming: So if the Spieler Jens clearly plays better than his opponent, then owned Jens since Jens plays his opponents much stronger and better. So it's usually a marked difference from Game Arts - someone is playing much better or superior, the other plays poorly or underground. This often happens when a player significantly better skills and more experience in the game has than others.

This dog got PWNED! Source: demotivationalposters.orgThis dog got PWNED! Source: demotivationalposters.org

At the same time there are also variations of the term, which are also often used as own, pwn, pwnage ownage or. They all mean basically the same thing. Ownage is referred to as a process of Ownens.

Colloquially, the word is owned / pwned but also used when someone has been fooled. So if Mark to Peter playing a prank, and Peter begins the note, then there is often the classic comment: &# 8220; Owned!&# 8221; - Detailed: &# 8220; Mark owned Peter&# 8221; or &# 8220; Peter was geowned!&# 8221; This expression then makes clear the glee of people surrounding the situation in many cases.

PWNED OWNED and at the present time

Here was the skateboarder & quot; owned & quot ;. The winner is the skateboard or the street.Here, the skateboarder was &# 8220; owned&# 8221 ;. The winner is the skateboard or the street.

Nowadays, the returning from the computer game jargon term is also used in everyday life, when someone or other is something clearly superior in a situation against someone. This can be an animal, or even simply an object. But usually at least one living being is involved.

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