Instagram earn money: 5 Pro Tips

earn money Instagram &# 8211; is that possible? Finally, you can watch the photos that you upload on the social network, do not sell directly. Instagram earn money but is still possible, as the example of some successful bloggers shows. In the following article we'll show you based on 5 tips on how this works.

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earn money Instagramm &# 8211; by followers

1. If you want to make money with Instagram, you need a certain range first. That means: You need followers, not just some, but as many as possible. The more followers you have, the higher the awareness of your channel &# 8211; and that is the most important condition to earn money Instagram. Some strategies, how do you get more followers on Instagram, you can find the guide tips for Instagram: win followers and Likes.

2. If you have enough followers, you can begin your photos to make money. The sale of photographs is possible not directly on the platform, but not the stops you to bring your photos on your own at the man. As you hiring that's up to you:

  • You can, for example, Create Your Own Website and from your Instagram profile link to it
  • Alternatively, you can also set directly on Instagram a message that visitors of your profile on the sale information.
  • Your Photos to sell so requires quite a commitment, it is impossible but not: The American Daniel Arnold made in this way, $ 15,000 in less than 24 hours.
  • Read on the subject also our Guide 7 tips to be known as a photographer.
Daniel ArnoldThe photographer Daniel Arnold earned with Instagram 15,000 US dollars in a day.

3. Alternatively, you can sell your Instagram photos via special websites. Is recommended e.g. the side Instaprints is an independent website that has been specially dedicated to the sale of Instagram photos. You invite just your picture and then sets a price for the photo &# 8211; Instaprint takes care of the production to shipping to the rest. In return Instaprint is involved with a share in earnings.

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earn money Instagram &# 8211; through advertisements

4. If your Instagram channel has achieved a certain notoriety, you can begin to use the channel as advertising space. The idea that the more followers you have, the greater is that companies want to reach with their products, these followers the chance. Many companies now use social media channels to advertise to switch: Why not also on your Instagram channel?

  • One way is to make advertising on Instagram money that their specific products, such as Fashion items photographed, noted the manufacturer name and pay you by the companies initiated.
  • The Hamburg Fashion blogger Luisa Lion funded in this way one apartment apartment in Los Angeles.
  • Learn more about the topic can be found in the following Guide: 10 Tips for Small Businesses on Instagram.
Instagram SamsungMany companies are now represented with its own profile on Instagram: Here the appearance of Samsung.

5. Another way to make money with advertising on Instagram, product ideas or reviews are for specific products. You imagine a product and let you the pay of the respective manufacturers. Very well connected can the so-called affiliate links. Posts a link to the respective product on the manufacturer's site: If a reader of your Product Reviews clicks on the link and then buys the product, you will be involved with a certain percentage of the profits. Also read our 10 tips to make you more creative &# 8211; maybe you get by some useful suggestions.

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