Windows 10: Remove Advertising (Start menu, lock screen, Explorer) – Here’s how

Windows 10 displays more and more Commercial lock screen, start menu or in Windows Explorer. Also, there are more and more OneDrive banners. As permanently remove her ads can reset your advertising ID, we will show you in this tip.

While previous Microsoft operating systems were ad-free, has become the Windows 10 Home and Pro changed now: On the lock screen, the Start menu and in the Windows Explorer you can welcome App, cloud or games advertising. Even if you want to change the default browser, a small pop-up window appears that asks you, but to give Edge a chance. You can such advertising fortunately (yet?) Off.

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  • Reset advertising ID
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Windows 10: Advertising from Start Menu (suggested apps)

Windows 10 is the Start menu of advertising for apps. You can remove the suggested apps as follows.

Windows 10 display advertising for apps on the Start menu.Windows 10 display advertising for apps on the Start menu. Source:
  1. Opens the Windows settings with the keys Windows + i and navigate to: Personalization, Start and scrolls in the right side of the window down.
  2. Removes the checkmark Occasionally Show suggestions from the Start menu.
  3. If you have installed Windows 10, is also often the app Candy Crush or another one preinstalled. You can remove it by clicking on them with your right mouse button and uninstall selects.
  4. More information can be found in the article Windows 10 Start menu: disable advertising and suggested apps.

10 Windows: remove advertising from lock screen

Windows 10 shows Tomb Raider advertising on the lock screen.Windows 10 shows Tomb Raider advertising on the lock screen. Source:

Who clicks through the Windows 10 installation without great read, gets run under the Windows 10-lock screen advertising displays, such as for the game Tomb Raider, as shown in the screenshot. So you will release it.

  1. Presses the key combination Windows + i, to open the settings. Alternatively, you can also start menu open and up settings click.
  2. click on Personalization, lock screen and selects the right under the heading background in the drop-down menu Eintag image or slideshow out.

    Windows 10: Here you disable the advertising on the lock screen.Windows 10: Here you disable the advertising on the lock screen.

  3. Among them you can now find a switch in Show entertainment, tips, tricks and more from Windows and Cortana on the lock screen. Microsoft hiding here behind the word &# 8220; more&# 8221; So the displayed advertisement.
  4. Set the switch to Out, to remove the advertisement from the lockscreen.

Tip: Lock screen in Windows 10 Disable (Home and Pro version)

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10 Windows: Remove Ads from Windows Explorer

OneDrive advertising in Windows Explorer.OneDrive advertising in Windows Explorer. Source:

In the Windows Explorer displays Windows 10 now advertise OneDrive on. You can turn off these ads in Folder Options. We have the whole thing described here: 10 Windows: disable OneDrive advertising in File Explorer.

update: Even if OneDrive files has synchronized, advertising has recently been shown:

OneDrive is up to date and display advertising for itself.OneDrive is up to date and display advertising for itself.

10 Windows: Reset advertising ID

Windows 10 has you to an advertising ID on them your preferences are saved. This Microsoft knows about which ad is best suited to you and plays them out effectively. If you do not want that, you should reset the advertising ID:

  1. Open the Windowssettings with the keys Windows + i and navigate to: Privacy, General.
  2. Above, you can now see the lettering: Apps allow you to use the advertising ID to show you based on your app usage for interesting advertising (at deactivation is your ID reset).
  3. Set the switch to including Out.
Windows 10: Here you reset the advertising ID.Windows 10: Here you reset the advertising ID.

Tip: Windows 10: Data Protection - Sun spied the operating system less

It will probably also help to use some of the following anti-spy tools for Windows 10th This also block IP addresses usually can be obtained through advertising and displays:

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Comment on Windows 10 advertising

Operating systems are the base surface of each PC. Everything that happens, happens about it. And that is why operating systems should in my opinion always be ad-free or neutral.

If Windows would free 10, I would understand that advertising on the Start menu is displayed in the Explorer or in other areas. Windows 10 but is chargeable and advertising spans both the Home and the Pro version. This is too much in my opinion.

What happens next? The desktop would still be free. Or can advertising in Windows 10 soon no longer disable? I would now no longer see this as unlikely. Write us your opinion.

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