Supernatural Season 12: Start in November

Some series are comparable to a Duracell bunny, they run and run and run. This includes Supernatural, which has now been extended by a further 12 Season Season from US channel The CW. Meanwhile, the release on Sky 1 is known. We'll tell you all to the 12th Season Supernatural.

Station chief Mark Pedowitz justified the decision as follows: "If the audience talking and the producers want more, we are also there. We are delighted that they want to continue. Every week they bring fresh enthusiasm to the set. "

When can we see Supernatural Season 12?

was announced Supernatural Season 12 for the coming autumn 2016. However, the start date for the US. In this country we have to be patient a little longer.

from the November 5, 2017 The new episodes will Sky 1 broadcast. This you can see on the Sky entertainment package. Of course you can also mobile with Sky Go (for Sky subscribers free of charge) Supernatural see or in the stream turned on at the Sky ticket (currently 9.99 euros).

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On free TV Supernatural will not be visible until spring 2018th In online stream (for example, on Amazon) *Supernatural Season 12: Start in November certainly a little earlier.

No series replenishment in sight at the Supernatural front? This series can you still streaming in this year Netflix:

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So is her Supernatural Season 12 online in Stream

Whoever would want to stream the new episodes, Sam and Dean can see in the original English with these providers:

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Actually, "Supernatural" would have to end after Season 5

That "Supernatural" is actually running so long was not originally intended. About 5 seasons viewers could follow the originally planned story arc. This ended with the fifth season. One might therefore expect that broadcasters and producers to PunSupernatural Season 12: Start in Novemberkt, where you should end a series, obviously missed and let the series now simply continue forever without end goal.

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This is not so: For viewers "Supernatural" is in fact still so popular that you can see just no reason in explaining the corner. After all, the series brings the desired quotas for the channel The CW. The actors felt like on staying true to their roles. As long as "Supernatural" So continue to bring high ratings, as long as the series will run and run and run.

Supernatural scale 12 comes in the fall in the USDean and Sam &# 8211; The brothers Winchester fight &Super Natural; # 8220&# 8221; against the evil. © Warner / The CW

Supernatural Season 12: Cast & action

The two main actors Jared Padalecki and Jensen (Sam Winchester plays) Ackles (Dean Winchester plays) are definitely back with it. There may even be a family reunion. The series creators are thinking about a return of the deceased long ago Papas (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). Death plays namely in the universe of Supernatural not matter. Currently, the makers about the when trying to worry, but we did not see him again in the twelfth season.

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Since Season 11 Dean and Sam can do again what they did in the beginning. It's called "Back to the Roots". The brothers now fight again for a common purpose: to evil! Moreover Supernatural Season 12 celebrate a series Anniversary: ​​episode "First Blood" is, after all, the 250th

Attention, spoilers!

In the first episode of the 12th season Dean meets Mother Mary, which has risen from the dead, while Sam still makes itself captive of the "Men of Letters" befindet.Während Cowley in search of Lucifer, which in the body of the rock star Vince Vicente to insert, Dean, Castiel and Mary try Sam wiederzufinden.Im further course of the season to land Sam and Dean even because of an attempted assassination of the US president in prison, but ultimately the story runs back to their inevitable finale: the fight against Lucifer and to his unborn child.

Until the launch of Germany Supernatural Season 12 you can watch in HD resolution, the mystery series. We have compiled the best deals on the Blu-rays:
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Episode Guide of the 12th Season Supernatural

We have stayed here the title of the new Supernatural episodes for you:

1Keep calm and carry on
2Mamma Mia
3The Foundry
4American Nightmare
5The One You've Been Waiting For
6Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox
7Rock Never Dies
9First Blood
10Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets
11Regarding Dean
12Stuck in the Middle (With You)
13Family Feud
14The Raid
15Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell
16Ladies Drink Free
17The British Invasion
18The Memory Remains
19The Future
20twigs & twine & Tasha Banes
21There&# 8217; s Something About Mary
22Who We Are
23All Along the Watchtower

planned spin-off to "Supernatural": "Wayward Sisters"

In the thirteenth season are orphaned girls show up in a foster family, which unite and combine extraordinary powers. And exactly this is the spin-off of the Wayward Sisters to turn. There will also be a reunion with Sheriff Jody Mills, which will go with the girl on hunting monsters. Also on board is Supernatural showrunner Andrew Daab. Fans hope that the channel The CW this time really brings a new mystery series at the start and did not like the planned "Bloodlines" ends.

Supernatural_Sheriff_The_CW© Warner / The CW

Supernatural spin-off from the table

The 20th episode of Season 9 ( "bloodline") should rumored to serve as a backdoor pilot episode for a potential, eponymous spin-off. As a result, the characters were the focus, which now are to serve as the main protagonist of the series spin-off. A brief summary of the episode:
wants Abbaddon Dean and Sam get killed. should help Crowley. Leaning first on. Abbaddon however, has something in his hand that Crowley talked to the act. Meanwhile, Dean and Sam are busy to question a captured by Castiel angel Metatron.

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