Act of Aggression: Chimera – The Euro Group in the spotlight

In Act of Aggression Chimera is the special unit of the UN and the main faction in the solo campaign. But what's the deal with the European elite unit and how it goes against the ruthless cartel before? We have gathered all information about Chimera and show you the way of playing and units.

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Act of Aggression, the old-school RTS game from the creators of Eugen Systems builds on the classic base building and military units of the near future. So just like that time in Command and Conquer: Generals! But instead of China and terrorists, there's in Act of aggression by the US Army, the nasty cartel and the brave Europeans from the UN Special Force Chimera!

Act of Aggression: Chimera - The UN shows its claws!

In Chimera is a multinational elite strike force, which was established by the UN in order to get the machinations of the cartel on the ropes. After all those nasty profiteers have caused in all probability the banking crash of Shanghai, triggering a massive economic crisis.

chimera01Chimera is a multinational elite troops of the UN.

And because the cartel now stretches out his greedy fingers after the United States and even an ultra-modern, private military has launched, the UN founded in return Chimera, a modern intervention force, which consists mainly of the powerful European states Britain, France and Germany and and their current military equipment used.

Versatile technology without specialization

Therefore, you meet in the arsenal of Chimera on modern vehicles such as the light German tank Puma, the cheeky Panzerspähwagen Fennek or the Eurocopter Tiger. But as the story of Act of aggression plays in the 2020s, there is also much more futuristic devices at Chimera.

chimera02Moderate vehicles and drones are the strength of Chimera.

They all run, for example, the elite infantry of Chimera in exo-armor á la Advanced Warfare around and in the air all sorts of armed drones do their job. Furthermore, the whole army of Chimera is equipped due to its multinational composition very flexible and for each battle task. but missing the Europeans real specialists.

All infantry units from Chimera:

By the French FELIN, the British SAS German Panzer Grenadiers to Exo-soldiers. The Chimera has a nice selection of infantry, even if the Euro-soldiers lack the combat experience and strength of the US Marines.


All vehicles of Chimera

The Chimera fleet is extensive and consists of numerous light and medium duty vehicles, which can be used very versatile all. However Chimera missing a really tough armor like the M1A2 Abrams.

KodiakRecon UGVCrusher
Metal StormNamerADS

All air units of Chimera

Air superiority of Chimera is guaranteed especially with drones, but also aircraft as the PAK FA or Eurocopter is one of the party.

NinjaEurocopter TigerValor


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